List of all decrees

The purpose of this page is to give you access to all decrees. They are organised by the spiritual rays in order to give you a quick overview.

1st Ray: 

1.01 Decree to Hercules and Amazonia

1.02 Decree to Archangel Michael

1.03 Decree to Master MORE 9 verses

1.04 Decree to Elohim Hercules 9 verses

1.05 Decree to Archangel Michael 9 verses

1.06 Archangel Michael, take command

1.07 Archangel Michael, you are here 9 verses – RECOMMENDED

1.08 Archangel Michael Set Me Free

1.09 Come Michael Dear

1st Ray, short decrees

2nd Ray:

2.01 Decree to Apollo and Lumina

2.02 Decree to Archangel Jophiel

2.03: Decree to Master Lanto 9 verses

2.04 Decree to Elohim Apollo 9 verses

2.05 Decree to Archangel Jophiel 9 verses

2nd Ray, short decrees

3rd Ray:

3.01 Decree to Elohim Heros and Amora

3.02 Decree to Archangel Chamuel

3.03: Decree to Paul the Venetian 9 verses

3.04 Decree to Elohim Heros 9 verses

3.05 Decree to Archangel Chamuel 9 verses

3.06 Decree to the Presence of Love

3rd Ray, short decrees

4th Ray:

4.01 Decree to Elohim Astrea and Purity

4.02 Decree to Archangel Gabriel

4.03: Decree to Serapis Bey 9 verses

4.04 Decree to Elohim Astrea 9 verses

4.05 Decree to Archangel Gabriel 9 verses

4.07 Astrea, cut me free 9 verses – RECOMMENDED

4.08 Astrea World Decree

4th Ray, short decrees

5th Ray: 

5.01 Decree to Cyclopea and Virginia

5.02 Decree to Archangel Raphael

5.03: Decree to Ascended Master Hilarion 9 verses

5.04 Decree to Elohim Cyclopea 9 verses

5.05 Decree to Archangel Raphael 9 verses

5.06 Mother Mary, Take Command over Matter

5.07 Mother Mary heal my psyche

5.08 Mother Mary, heal my physical body

5.09 Decree to Guru Ma

5.10 Decree to Pallas Athena

5th Ray, short decrees

6th Ray: 

6.01 Decree to Peace and Aloha

Decree to Archangel Uriel and Aurora

6.03 Decree to Lady Master Nada 9 verses

6.04 Decree to Elohim Peace 9 verses

Decree to Archangel Uriel 9 verses

6.05 Special decree to Archangel Uriel for Ukraine

6.06 The Living Christ Is Victorious on Earth

6.07 To Jesus I call

6.08 Jesus, show me how to discern

6.09 Decree to Nada

6th Ray, short decrees

7th Ray:

7.01 Decree to Arcturus and Victoria

7.02 Decree to Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst

7.03 Decree to Saint Germain

7.04 Decree to Elohim Arcturus 9 verses

7.05 Decree to Archangel Zadkiel 9 verses

7.07 – O Saint Germain, transform my life 9 verses – RECOMMENDED

7.08 The Earth is sealed in Freedom’s Flame

7.09 Violet Fire Raise the Earth!

7.10 Oh Saint Germain, Bring Violet Flame

7.11 Decree to Kuan Yin

7.12 Decree to Portia

7th Ray, short decrees

8th Ray:

Decree to the Maha Chohan

8.02 I am free on all Seven Rays

8.03 I AM MORE on all seven rays

8.04 Oneness Decree

8.05 Invoking the Flow in all Chakras

8.06 Gautama, I am in total peace

8th Ray, short decrees

Other decrees

9.01 Call to the Great Divine Director

9.01A Divine Director, I now see

9.02 Beloved Alpha, we are one

9.03 Decree to Omega

9.04 Maitreya, I am being initiated

9.05 Sanat Kumara, raise the earth

9.06 Decree to Venus

9.07 Decree to Padmasambhava

9.08 O Shiva all-consuming fire

9.09 Surya, cosmic balance bring 

9.10 Decree to Ascended Master Godfre

9.11 Decree to Maraytaii

9.12 Decree to Liberty

9.13 The Mother Light in all is raised

9.14 I am in the cosmic flow

9.15 God is Father and Mother

9.16 Awakening the Creative Elite

9.17 I AM MORE in the Eternal NOW

9.18 The Mother Light in all is raised

9.19 I AM being More

9.20 I AM Sealed in a Sphere of Light

9.21 God is Alpha and Omega