1st Ray, short decrees

1.41 Hail Mary

Oh Mother Mary, we release
all thoughts and feelings less than peace,
releasing now all patterns old,
we leave behind the mortal mold.

River of Life, eternal flow,
we will to live, we will to grow.
We will transcend and be the more,
the joy of life we do adore.


1.42 Hail Mother of God’s Will

Hail Mary, Mother of God’s Will,
I accept you as my Spiritual Mother.
In oneness with your Being,
I surrender all anti-will and ego.

Holy Mary, one with God’s Will,
I accept God’s Will as my higher will.
In oneness with my I AM Presence,
I AM God’s Kingdom manifest on Earth.


1.43 Hail Michael

Hail Archangel Michael, Lord of Angels,
your Presence is always with us.
Protect us from all forces of darkness,
and bind the enemy within us.
We take dominion over our lives,
and manifest God’s kingdom on Earth.

Holy Michael, Defender of Faith.
we invoke your Blue-flame Sword.
Cut us free from the lies of anti-christ,
so we can pierce the veil of separation.
We affirm our oneness with God,
and form the Body of God on Earth.


1.44 Hail Michael

Archangel Michael, you are here,
I feel your Presence always near,
your Blue-flame sword now cuts me free,
from dross and unreality.

Archangel Michael, in God’s name,
I’m sealed in your electric flame,
exposing all my ego’s lies,
transcending now all earthly ties.


1.45 Hail All-powerful Michael

Archangel Michael, free all life,
from all that leads to war and strife.
Expose the forces that do hide
behind the ego’s fear and pride.
From blindness clear our inner sight,
let all be seen in truth and light.

Archangel Michael, let your power,
erase all darkness in this hour.
Cut all people free from fear,
consume all non-forgiveness here.
Raise the Earth out of the night,
and keep her always in your light.


1.46 Hail Higher Power

To take back freedom of my will,
I find the point within so still.
The Infinite is in my heart,
from here my choices always start.

I see now with the single eye,
that “I am God and God is I.”
Unfolding like a sacred flower,
I find within my higher power.


1.47 Hail Michael

Archangel Michael, take command,
God government in every land.
Raise up the torch of Freedom’s Flame,
that all may know the “I AM” name.
Humanity is always free,
one people under God to be.

Archangel Michael, you are here,
to keep our vision always clear.
We form God’s Body here below,
the open door for Grace to flow.
As into action now we spring,
the Golden Age we will to bring.


1.48 Hail Diamond Heart

Beloved Buddha, Master MORE,
your Diamond Heart we do implore,
inspire us all to ever soar,
beyond all that has gone before.

Beloved Blue-flame Master MORE,
your Will and Presence we adore,
our full potential we explore,
that we God’s kingdom may restore.


Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012