5.01 Decree to Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia

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In the name I AM THAT I AM, Jesus Christ,  I call to my I Will Be Presence to flow through my being and give these decrees with full power. I call to beloved Mighty Cyclopea and Virginia to pierce the illusions of separation and duality, that keep me from attaining wholeness, including…

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1. Cyclopea so dear, the truth you reveal,
the truth that duality’s ailments will heal,
your Emerald Light is like a great balm,
my emotional body is perfectly calm.

Cyclopea so dear, in Emerald Sphere,
to vision so clear I always adhere,
in raising perception I shall persevere,
as deep in my heart your truth I revere.

2. Cyclopea so dear, with you I unwind,
all negative spirals clouding my mind,
I know pure awareness is truly my core,
the key to becoming the wide-open door.

Cyclopea so dear, clear my inner sight,
empowered, I pierce the soul’s fearful night,
through veils of duality I now take flight,
bathed in your penetrating Emerald Light.

3. Cyclopea so dear, life can only reflect,
the images that my mind does project,
the key to my healing is clearing the mind,
from the images my ego is hiding behind.

Cyclopea so dear, I want to aim high,
to your healing flame I ever draw nigh,
I now see my life through your single eye,
beyond all disease I AM ready to fly.

4. Cyclopea so dear, your Emerald Flame,
exposes every subtle, dualistic power game,
including the game of wanting to say,
that truth is defined in only one way.

Cyclopea so dear, I am feeling the flow,
as your Living Truth upon me you bestow,
I know truth transcends all systems below,
immersed in your light, I continue to grow.

Accelerate into Wholeness, I AM real,
Accelerate into Wholeness, all life heal,
Accelerate into Wholeness, I AM MORE,
Accelerate into Wholeness, all will soar.

Accelerate into Wholeness! (3X)
Beloved Cyclopea and Virginia.

Accelerate into Wholeness! (3X)
Beloved Raphael and Mary.

Accelerate into Wholeness! (3X)
Beloved Master Hilarion.

Accelerate into Wholeness! (3X)
Beloved I AM.

In the name of the Divine Mother, I fully accept that the power of these calls is used to set free the Ma-ter light, so it can outpicture the perfect vision of Christ for my own life, for all people and for the planet. In the name I AM THAT I AM, it is done! Amen.


Copyright © Kim Michaels, 2012