All personal invocations

This is a list of all personal rosaries and invocations, listed in the order they were originally released Newest first). For a list of invocations according to topics, see this page.


INV27 Invocation for Christ discernment

INV26 Saint Germain, Transmute It All

INV25 Astrea, Cut Me Free

INV24 Archangel Michael, protect me

INV23 Expressing the Seven Rays

INV22 Integrating the Seven Rays

INV21 Balancing the Seven Rays

INV20: The Ever-transcending Flow of the Sacred Seven

INV19: Loving the Divine Mother – Part 4

INV18: Loving the Divine Mother – Part 3

INV17: Loving the Divine Mother – Part 2

INV16: Loving the Divine Mother – Part 1

INV15: Oneness with My I AM Presence

INV14: Freedom from Psychic Projections

INV13: Creative Freedom of Will

INV12: Mother Mary’s Eight-fold Healing Invocation

INV11: Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Aspects of God

INV10: Invocation of the Eternal NOW

INV09: Invocation for a Golden Future

INV08: Invocation for Rising Above the Past

INV07: Invocation for Integration

INV06: Jesus’ Invocation for Victory over Death

INV05: Invocation for Loving Yourself

INV04: Invocation for Clearing the Heart

INV03: Eternal Flow Invocation

INV02: River of Life Invocation

INV01: Mother Mary’s Miracle Invocation for Daily Growth


RINV05 The Creative Flow of Hercules

RINV06 Archangel Michael’s Transforming Power

RINV07 The Ineffable Joy of Master MORE


ROS16: Mother Mary’s Rosary for Self-esteem

ROS15: Archangel Michael’s Rosary for Overcoming a Spiritual Crisis

ROS14: Mother Mary’s Rosary for Inner Guidance

ROS13: Mother Mary’s Rosary of Miracle Independence

ROS12: Mother Mary’s Rosary of Miracle Nurturance

ROS11: Mother Mary’s Rosary of All-pervading Wisdom

ROS10: Mother Mary’s Rosary of God’s Will

ROS09: Mother Mary’s Infinite Light Rosary

ROS08: Archangel Michael’s Rosary

ROS07: Mother Mary’s Miracle Oneness Rosary

ROS06: Mother Mary’s Miracle Acceptance Rosary

ROS05: Mother Mary’s Unconditional Love Rosary

ROS04: Mother Mary’s Miracle Forgiveness Rosary

ROS03: Mother Mary’s Miracle Gratitude Rosary

ROS02: Mother Mary’s Miracle Rosary for Children

ROS01: Mother Mary’s Miracle Rosary