INV20: The Ever-transcending Flow of the Sacred Seven

An invocation for consuming all blocks to the flow of the Holy Spirit, for manifesting your personal Christhood and for manifesting the Golden Age on a world-wide scale.

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In the name I AM THAT I AM, Jesus Christ, I call to my I Will Be Presence to flow through my being and give this invocation with full power. I invoke the fiery Presence of Hercules and Amazonia, Apollo and Lumina, Heros and Amora, Purity and Astrea, Cyclopea and Virginia, Peace and Aloha and Arcturus and Victoria to release an unstoppable flow of the perfectly balanced stream of all seven rays, that will flood planet Earth and consume all perversions of the seven rays. I call to the seven Chohans, Master More, Lanto, Paul the Ventian, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Nada, Saint Germain, and the Maha Chohan to direct the unstoppable flow of the Holy Spirit, generated by all who have ascended from the material world, into those conditions that are blocking my personal Christhood and the full physical manifestation of Saint Germain’s Golden Age, including…

[Make personal calls]

First Ray

1. I will to create, I will to be more,
I will to express as never before.

O Hercules Blue, you fill every space,
with infinite Power and infinite Grace,
you embody the key to creativity,
the will to transcend into Infinity.

2. I always look up, to know whence I came,
the lineage of gurus who know Sacred Name.

O Hercules Blue, in oneness with thee,
I open my heart to your reality,
in feeling your flame, so clearly I see,
transcending my self is the true alchemy.

3. At hierarchy’s top, I see now the One,
whose splendor transcends most radiant sun.

O Hercules Blue, I lovingly raise,
my voice in giving God infinite praise,
I’m grateful for playing my personal part,
In God’s infinitely intricate work of art.

4. I look now below, the Earth still so dark,
I long so to bring my Spirit’s own spark.

O Hercules Blue, all life now you heal,
enveloping all in your Blue-flame Seal,
your electric-blue fire within us reveal,
our innermost longing for all that is real.

5. My Spirit now rends the veil of the night,
what glorious wonder revealed to my sight.

O Hercules Blue, I pledge now my life,
in helping this planet transcend human strife,
duality’s lies are pierced by your light,
restoring the fullness of my inner sight.

6. I see now the vision of what Earth can be,
when all men awaken to reality.

O Hercules Blue, I’m one with your will,
all space in my being with Blue Flame you fill,
your power allows me to forge on until,
I pierce every veil and climb every hill.

7. I am one with God’s drive to always be more,
I seek to all men Christ Life to restore.

O Hercules Blue, your Temple of Light,
revealed to us all through our inner sight,
a beacon that radiates light to the Earth,
bringing about our planet’s rebirth.

8. And although the problems seem never to cease,
constant transcendence gives us inner peace.

O Hercules Blue, all life you defend,
giving us power to always transcend,
in you the expansion of self has no end,
as I in God’s infinite spirals ascend.

9. For what can bind men, when Spirit is found,
the true inner light, forever unbound.

Accelerate into Creativity, I AM real,
Accelerate into Creativity, all life heal,
Accelerate into Creativity, I AM MORE,
Accelerate into Creativity, all will soar.

Accelerate into Creativity! (3X)
Beloved Hercules and Amazonia.
Accelerate into Creativity! (3X)
Beloved Michael and Faith.
Accelerate into Creativity! (3X)
Beloved Master MORE.
Accelerate into Creativity! (3X)
Beloved I AM.

Second Ray

1. Thy wisdom is One, this much I know,
I seek to be one with its unceasing flow.

Beloved Apollo, with your second ray,
you open my eyes to see a new day,
I see through duality’s lies and deceit,
transcending the mindset producing defeat.

2. I clutch no ideas, my mind roaming free,
beyond worldly wisdom: one reality.

Beloved Apollo, thou Elohim Gold,
your radiant light my eyes now behold,
as pages of wisdom you gently unfold,
I feel I am free from all that is old.

3. Let all the world’s books be covered in dust,
in the flow of the Spirit I place now my trust.

Beloved Apollo, in your flame I know,
that your living wisdom is always a flow,
in your light I see my own highest will,
immersed in the stream that never stands still.

4. My mind is a fountain for ideas so new,
the minds of all men, they truly renew.

Beloved Apollo, your light makes it clear,
why we have taken embodiment here,
working to raise our own cosmic sphere,
together we form the tip of the spear.

5. The veil of duality pierced by Your Light,
as I work to give all people new sight.

Beloved Apollo, exposing all lies,
I hereby surrender all ego-based ties,
I know my perception is truly the key,
to transcending the serpentine duality.

6. When “knowledge” divides, we know it is time,
to listen within for the Spirit’s own chime.

Beloved Apollo, we heed now your call,
drawing us into Wisdom’s Great Hall,
exposing all lies causing the fall,
you help us reclaim the oneness of all.

7. The serpentine mind can only obscure,
but Christ is the light all blindness to cure.

Beloved Apollo, your wisdom so clear,
in oneness with you, no serpent I fear,
the beam in my eye I’m willing to see,
I’m free from the serpent’s own duality.

8. The Earth will I raise by going beyond,
for matter will always to Christ Light respond.

Beloved Apollo, my eyes now I raise,
I see that the Earth is in a new phase,
I willingly stand in your piercing gaze,
empowered, I exit duality’s maze.

9. My mind and the Buddha forever the same,
non-attachment the key to winning the game.

Accelerate my Awakeness, I AM real,
Accelerate my Awakeness, all life heal,
Accelerate my Awakeness, I AM MORE,
Accelerate my Awakeness, all will soar.

Accelerate my Awakeness! (3X)
Beloved Apollo and Lumina.
Accelerate my Awakeness! (3X)
Beloved Jophiel and Christine.
Accelerate my Awakeness! (3X)
Beloved Master Lanto.
Accelerate my Awakeness! (3X)
Beloved I AM.

Third ray

1. Conditional love forever will bind,
but true love sets free all those who are blind.

O Heros-Amora, in your love so pink,
I care not what others about me may think,
in oneness with you, I claim a new day,
an innocent child, I frolic and play.

2. Beyond all conditions I find now the love,
that always is flowing from gurus above.

O Heros-Amora, a new life begun,
I laugh at the devil, the serious one,
I bathe in your glorious Ruby-Pink Sun,
knowing my God allows life to be fun.

3. For this perfect love will cast out all fear,
as through my own heart the masters are here.

O Heros-Amora, life is such a joy,
I see that the world is like a great toy,
whatever my mind into it projects,
the mirror of life exactly reflects.

4. If I put conditions on God’s love so pure,
then those same conditions myself I endure.

O Heros-Amora, I reap what I sow,
yet this is Plan B for helping me grow,
for truly, Plan A is that I join the flow,
immersed in the Infinite Love you bestow.

5. For when all conditions I truly give up,
my heart is a fountain that fills every cup.

O Heros-Amora, conditions you burn,
I know I AM free to take a new turn,
Immersed in the stream of infinite Love,
I know that my Spirit came from Above.

6. I sense how pure love is calling me home,
while setting me free in matter to roam.

O Heros-Amora, awakened I see,
in true love is no conditionality,
the devil is stuck in his duality,
but I AM set free by Love’s reality.

7. As with open eyes Love’s Flame I behold,
no thing from my past my Spirit can hold.

O Heros-Amora, I feel that at last,
I’ve risen above the trap of my past,
in true love I claim my freedom to grow,
forever I’m one with Love’s Infinite Flow.

8. My love is transformed into Ruby Ray Fire,
a love so intense it draws all men higher.

O Heros-Amora, conditions are ties,
forming a net of serpentine lies,
your love has no bounds, forever it flies,
raising all life into Ruby-Pink skies.

9. Conditions divide, in love all is One,
in oneness is how life’s victory is won.

Accelerate into Oneness, I AM real,
Accelerate into Oneness, all life heal,
Accelerate into Oneness, I AM MORE,
Accelerate into Oneness, all will soar.

Accelerate into Oneness! (3X)
Beloved Heros and Amora.
Accelerate into Oneness! (3X)
Beloved Chamuel and Charity.
Accelerate into Oneness! (3X)
Beloved Paul the Venetian.
Accelerate into Oneness! (3X)
Beloved I AM.

Fourth Ray

1. Acceleration to more, the secret of life,
in Harmony’s Flame, there is no more strife.

Beloved Astrea, your heart is so true,
your Circle and Sword of white and blue,
cut all life free from dramas unwise,
on wings of Purity our planet will rise.

2. To battle with others has no more allure,
I want to be free, I want to be pure.

Beloved Astrea, in God Purity,
accelerate all of my life energy,
raising my mind into true unity
with the Masters of love in Infinity.

3. I shatter with love all patterns of old,
as Purity’s Flame will break every mold.

Beloved Astrea, from Purity’s Ray,
send forth deliverance to all life today,
acceleration to Purity, I AM now free
from all that is less than love’s Purity.

4. I give up intentions that are less than pure,
I enter the flame that burns bright and sure.

Beloved Astrea, in oneness with you,
your circle and sword of electric blue,
with Purity’s Light cutting right through,
raising within me all that is true.

5. Uplifting all life is my sacred quest,
as Purity’s Flame burns in every chest.

Beloved Astrea, accelerate us all,
as for your deliverance I fervently call,
set all life free from vision impure
beyond fear and doubt, I AM rising for sure.

6. Planet Earth is engulfed in Purity’s Fire,
the reign of duality soon to expire.

Beloved Astrea, I AM willing to see,
all of the lies that keep me unfree,
I AM rising beyond every impurity,
with Purity’s Light forever in me.

7. What marvelous plan God has for us all,
just waiting for us to heed inner call.

Beloved Astrea, accelerate life
beyond all duality’s struggle and strife,
consume all division between God and man,
accelerate fulfillment of God’s perfect plan.

8. In union of hearts, we find sacred key,
through Purity’s Flame all life is set free.

Beloved Astrea, I lovingly call,
break down separation’s invisible wall,
I surrender all lies causing the fall,
forever affirming the oneness of All.

9. For when we are willing to always transcend,
we enter the spiral through which we ascend.

Accelerate into Purity, I AM real,
Accelerate into Purity, all life heal,
Accelerate into Purity, I AM MORE,
Accelerate into Purity, all will soar.

Accelerate into Purity! (3X)
Beloved Elohim Astrea.
Accelerate into Purity! (3X)
Beloved Gabriel and Hope.
Accelerate into Purity! (3X)
Beloved Serapis Bey.
Accelerate into Purity! (3X)
Beloved I AM.

Fifth Ray

1. I seek not the truth that’s opposite lie,
my separate self I truly let die.

Cyclopea so dear, the truth you reveal,
the truth that duality’s ailments will heal,
your Emerald Light is like a great balm,
my emotional body is perfectly calm.

2. I know that to mind, perception is king.
but I am not mind, I am beyond every thing.

Cyclopea so dear, in Emerald Sphere,
to vision so clear I always adhere,
in raising perception I shall persevere,
as deep in my heart your truth I revere.

3. Beyond every thought, awareness is pure,
and in pure awareness I know God for sure.

Cyclopea so dear, with you I unwind,
all negative spirals clouding my mind,
I know pure awareness is truly my core,
the key to becoming the wide-open door.

4. O Spirit of Truth, to you I draw near,
beyond every thing, my vision so clear.

Cyclopea so dear, clear my inner sight,
empowered, I pierce the soul’s fearful night,
through veils of duality I now take flight,
bathed in your penetrating Emerald Light.

5. I know that my ego will never see true,
O Spirit of Truth, I’m in oneness with You.

Cyclopea so dear, life can only reflect,
the images that my mind does project,
the key to my healing is clearing the mind,
from the images my ego is hiding behind.

6. For healing I am a wide open door,
seeking to raise all life to be more.

Cyclopea so dear, I want to aim high,
to your healing flame I ever draw nigh,
I now see my life through your single eye,
beyond all disease I AM ready to fly.

7. In wholeness I find the answers within,
today, an entirely new life does begin.

Cyclopea so dear, your Emerald Flame,
exposes every subtle, dualistic power game,
including the game of wanting to say,
that truth is defined in only one way.

8. O bright Flame of Truth, an explosion of Light,
dispelling the gloom of mankind’s dark night.

Cyclopea so dear, I am feeling the flow,
as your Living Truth upon me you bestow,
I know truth transcends all systems below,
immersed in your light, I continue to grow.

9. The truth shall set free all minds that are bound,
a new day has dawned, and joy does abound.

Accelerate into Wholeness, I AM real,
Accelerate into Wholeness, all life heal,
Accelerate into Wholeness, I AM MORE,
Accelerate into Wholeness, all will soar.

Accelerate into Wholeness! (3X)
Beloved Cyclopea and Virginia.
Accelerate into Wholeness! (3X)
Beloved Raphael and Mary.
Accelerate into Wholeness! (3X)
Beloved Master Hilarion.
Accelerate into Wholeness! (3X)
Beloved I AM.

Sixth Ray

1. Beyond understanding, I find inner peace,
through Unity’s Light, all conflicts shall cease.

O Elohim Peace, in Unity’s Flame,
there is no more room for duality’s game,
we know that all form is from the same source,
empowering us to plot a new course.

2. My service to life I now fully embrace,
as my mind and heart are filled with God’s Grace.

O Elohim Peace, the bell now you ring,
causing all atoms to vibrate and sing,
I now see that there is no separate thing,
to my ego-based self I no longer cling.

3. When focused on serving to set all life free,
I find that the Christ abides within me.

O Elohim Peace, you help me to know,
that Jesus has come your Flame to bestow,
upon all who are ready to give up the strife,
by following Christ into infinite life.

4. Christ Peace is a light, a bright burning flame,
setting all free from the old ego game.

O Elohim Peace, through your eyes I see,
that only in oneness will I ever be free,
I give up the sense of a separate me,
I AM crossing Samsara’s turbulent sea.

5. I open my heart to the flow of Christ Peace,
no power on Earth shall cause it to cease.

O Elohim Peace, you show me the way,
for clearing my mind from duality’s fray,
you pierce the illusions of both time and space,
separation consumed by your Infinite Grace.

6. O Death, you have lost your serpentine sting,
in my life the Christ is always the king.

O Elohim Peace, what beauty your name,
consuming within me duality’s shame,
It was through the vibration of your Golden Flame,
that Christ the illusion of death overcame.

7. The devil and men may laugh me to scorn,
yet in oneness with Christ, I stand now reborn.

O Elohim Peace, you bring now to Earth,
the unstoppable flame of Cosmic Rebirth,
I give up the sense that something is mine,
allowing your Light through my being to shine.

8. I find my true self in Presence above,
through my heart now flows the River of Love.

O Elohim Peace, through your tranquility,
we are free from the chaos of duality,
in oneness with God a new identity,
we are raising the Earth into Infinity.

9. I will be who I will be, forever the More,
through Unity’s Flame God’s peace we restore.

Accelerate into Unity, I AM real,
Accelerate into Unity, all life heal,
Accelerate into Unity, I AM MORE,
Accelerate into Unity, all will soar.

Accelerate into Unity! (3X)
Beloved Peace and Aloha.
Accelerate into Unity! (3X)
Beloved Uriel and Aurora.
Accelerate into Unity! (3X)
Beloved Jesus and Nada.
Accelerate into Unity! (3X)
Beloved I AM.

Seventh Ray

1. O bright Violet Flame, you bring Golden Age,
the Earth now ascends towards a new stage.

Beloved Arcturus, release now the flow,
of Violet Flame to help all life grow,
in ever-expanding circles of Light,
it pulses within every atom so bright.

2. Transcending all war, transcending all lack,
in Freedom’s true Flame, there is no way back.

Beloved Arcturus, thou Elohim Free,
I open my heart to your reality,
expanding my heart into Infinity,
your flame is the key to my God-victory.

3. Transmuting Violet Flame, set all life free,
to rise above the veil of duality.

Beloved Arcturus, be with me alway,
reborn, I am ready to face a new day,
I have no attachments to life here on Earth,
I claim a new life in your Flame of Rebirth.

4. Transcending all fear, transcending all grief,
o bright Violet Flame, you bring such relief.

Beloved Arcturus, your Violet Flame pure,
is for every ailment the ultimate cure,
against it no darkness could ever endure,
my freedom it will forever ensure.

5. O bright Violet Flame, come sing now your song,
in the hearts of all men, who for freedom long.

Beloved Arcturus, your bright violet fire,
now fills every atom, raising them higher,
the space in each atom all filled with your light,
as matter itself is shining so bright.

6. Transcending all blindness, illusions as well,
O bright Violet Flame, there is no more hell.

Beloved Arcturus, your transforming Grace,
empowers me now every challenge to face,
as your violet light floods my inner space,
towards my ascension I willingly race.

7. Transmuting all darkness, setting me free,
the prince of this world has nothing in me.

Beloved Arcturus, bring in a new age,
help Earth and humanity turn a new page,
your transforming light gives me certainty,
Saint Germain’s Golden Age is a reality.

8. Transcending all anger, consuming all blame,
the Earth and humanity, never the same.

Beloved Arcturus, I surrender all fear,
I AM feeling your Presence so tangibly near,
with your Freedom’s Song filling my ear,
I know that to God I AM ever so dear.

9. I call to the heart of the Buddha Saint Germain,
help Earth find her place in God’s cosmic chain.

Accelerate into Freedom, I AM real,
Accelerate into Freedom, all life heal,
Accelerate into Freedom, I AM MORE,
Accelerate into Freedom, all will soar.

Accelerate into Freedom! (3X)
Beloved Arcturus and Victoria.
Accelerate into Freedom! (3X)
Beloved Zadkiel and Amethyst.
Accelerate into Freedom! (3X)
Beloved Saint Germain.
Accelerate into Freedom! (3X)
Beloved I AM.

Oneness Decree
1. Surya, thou perfectly balanced one,
shining your light like a radiant sun,
from the God Star infusing the Earth
with unstoppable power, producing rebirth.

Oh Alpha-Omega in Great Central Sun,
release now the Infinite Power of One,
to shatter the veil of duality’s lies,
cutting all people free from its ties.

Beloved Surya, your balancing power,
flooding the Earth like a radiant shower,
as Father and Mother in oneness we see,
in infinite bliss forever we’ll be.

2. Resurrecting the feminine in woman and man,
revealing the matrix of God’s perfect plan,
consuming all images graven and old,
raising religion beyond earthly mold.

Repeat refrain.

3. Saint Germain’s Golden Age a reality at last,
the lies of duality a thing of the past,
the Mother Divine is raised up in all,
who listen within and follow the call.

Repeat refrain.

4. Maraytaii is the name of the Mother Divine,
who calls all her children to let their light shine,
with Jesus we now take the ultimate stand,
affirming the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Repeat refrain.

5. Mother Mary is showing all people the way,
to the kingdom within through the feminine ray,
for when we see God within every form,
we know that abundance is truly the norm.

Repeat refrain.

6. And now we are led by the great Master MORE,
across the vast sea to a welcoming shore,
where all of duality’s voices will cease,
as with the Lord Buddha we’re centered in peace.

Repeat refrain.

7. As Alpha-Omega their union reveal,
we know separation cannot be real,
and thus we can enter the Great Central Sun,
where ultimate victory of union is won.

Repeat refrain.

8. And thus we go forth to proclaim the great plan,
to bridge separation between God and Man.
Accepting the call co-creators to be,
as we raise the Earth to her God-victory.
Repeat refrain.



I AM the full sealing of myself and all lifestreams on Earth who are willing to acknowledge and multiply the Light of God within themselves. I AM the ever-flowing stream of the Holy Spirit multiplying these calls with the full power of all ascending lifestreams in the cosmos, worlds without end, thus bringing Earth transcendence without end. It is done; it is finished; it is sealed, for the mouth of the Lord, the I Will Be Presence within me, has spoken it. And in full acceptance of my divinity, I AM the chalice for its acceptance here below. Thus, I AM as Above, so below; as I will be forever the MORE. Amen.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels