Practical tools for personal and planetary transformation

This website presents a wide range of spiritual tools released by the ascended masters. These tools empower us to invoke spiritual light from the ascended masters, and this energy has the power to transform all of the lower, fear-based energies that limit us and limit the planet. This can help us transcend personal limitations and also help us make a contribution to resolving planetary issues.

For an easy introduction to techniques for invoking light, see the starter package.

Make calls for the war in Ukraine

6.05 Special decree to Archangel Uriel for Ukraine.

WINV47Invocation to stop the war in Ukraine and turn it into progress for all

WINV48 Invocation to the Great Karmic Board for cosmic justice

WINV49 Invocation for basic humanity

WINV50 Invoking the Dhyani Buddhas for change in Russia

Download an ebook file with all of the decrees and invocations: Invocations and decrees for Ukraine

Download a pdf file with all of the decrees and invocations: Invocations and decrees for Ukraine


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