List of world invocations

This is a list of all rosaries and invocations about world issues, listed in the order they were originally released Newest first). For a list of invocations according to topics, see this page.

WINV50 Invoking the Dhyani Buddhas for change in Russia

WINV49 Invocation for basic humanity

WINV48 Invocation to the Great Karmic Board for cosmic justice

WINV47Invocation to stop the war in Ukraine and turn it into progress for all

Invoking the judgment of the fallen beings who oppose the Golden Age (Russia and CIS countries)

WINV46 Invoking a focus on reliable knowledge

WINV45 Invoking a new approach to the economy

WINV44 Invoking a focus on reality

WINV43 Cutting people free from demons

WINV 42 Invocation to Astrea for Ukraine and Belarus

WINV41 Invocation to Astrea for Estonia

WIN40 Invocation for the spiritual awakening of women

WIN 39 Invocation for stopping the exploitation of women

WIN38 Invocation to Astrea for consuming Corona viruses

WINV37 Invocation to Astrea for Eastern Europe

WINV36 Invocation to Astrea for purifying our nation

WINV35: Invocation for Exposing the False Foundation of Christianity

WINV34: Resurrecting the Divine Feminine in Christianity

WINV33: Transcending the Accuser of the Brethren

WINV32: Awakening the Drive to be MORE in the Middle East

WINV31: Awakening the Divine Mother in the Middle East

WINV30: Invocation for Consuming World Fear

WINV29: Invocation for Healing the Psyche of Europe

WINV28: Invocation for Helping Europe Rise Above the Past

WINV27: Saint Germain’s call for sustainable growth in the economy

WINV26: Saint Germain’s call for a sound money system

WINV25: One World Invocation

WINV24: Invocation for World Change

WINV23: Challenging the Consciousness of anti-christ in Russia

WINV22: Awakening the Golden Age Consciousness in Russia

WINV21: Invocation for Restoring the WORD in Russia

WINV20: Archangel Michael’s Invocation for Setting my Country Free From Communism

WINV19: Archangel Michael’s Invocation for Russia

WINV18: Invocation for Restoring the WORD in Britain

WINV17: Invocation for Restoring the WORD in South America

WINV16: Invocation for Restoring the WORD World-wide

WINV15: Invocation for Restoring the WORD in Europe

WINV14: Invocation for Restoring the WORD in America

WINV13: Invocation for World Peace

WINV12: Invocation for Invoking the Flame of Peace

WINV11: Golden Age Invocation for Latin America

WINV10: Golden Age Invocation for America

WINV09: Invoking Infinite Light into World Politics

WINV08: Invoking Infinite Light into World Conditions

WINV07: Mother Mary’s Golden Age Invocation

WINV06: Miracle Invocation for Consuming Conflict

WINV05: Healing Invocation for Disasters

WINV04: Mother Mary’s Invocation of Miracle Freedom

WINV03: Mother Mary’s Miracle Peace Invocation

WINV02: Golden Age East-West Invocation

WINV01: East-West Invocation