Invocations and decrees, powerful tools for personal and planetary change

This website offers a wide variety of tools for enhancing your spiritual growth, but the primary tools are invocations and decrees. These are written tools that you read out loud, meaning you are using the power of the spoken word, which is one of the basic creative forces of the universe.

The decrees and invocations are released by the ascended masters, and this means they are specifically designed to call for the spiritual light of specific masters to descend into the four levels of the material universe. This light has far-reaching effects, including the transformation of fear-based energy in your emotional body of the removal from your mental body of blocks to your understanding and vision. This can help you resolve blocks to your spiritual growth so you have a breakthrough to a higher level of consciousness.

Invocations and decrees work in slightly different ways:

  • Decrees are verses that usually rhyme. Each verse typically has four lines and there is a refrain that is repeated after each verse. A decree can have up to nine verses. A decree has a rhythm (like a song) so it can be given in a flowing manner, even very quickly. This is efficient for invoking the spiritual light. Before starting the decrees, you can call to the master and ask for the light to be directed into specific conditions. You can give a decree one time, three times, nine times or more.
  • An invocation or rosary is made of affirmations that address specific conditions in your personal life or on a planetary level. In between the affirmations are verses, often from decrees to specific masters, that are repeated. An invocation is not as rhythmic as a decree, but it is very efficient for directing the light of the masters into specific conditions.

Below you will find links to information about how to use decrees and invocations and how to select them.

Using invocations and decrees

How to give decrees and affirmations

How to give invocations/rosaries

Speed and rhythm for rosaries and invocations

Selecting tools

Selecting tools based on your personal needs

Selecting invocations based on topics


List of personal invocations

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