7.01 Decree to Elohim Arcturus and Victoria

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In the name I AM THAT I AM, Jesus Christ,  I call to my I Will Be Presence to flow through my being and give these decrees with full power. I call to beloved Mighty Arcturus and Victoria to release an infinite flow of Violet Flame to transform all conditions not of the light in my consciousness and world, including…

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1. Beloved Arcturus, release now the flow,
of Violet Flame to help all life grow,
in ever-expanding circles of Light,
it pulses within every atom so bright.

Beloved Arcturus, thou Elohim Free,
I open my heart to your reality,
expanding my heart into Infinity,
your flame is the key to my God-victory. 

2. Beloved Arcturus, be with me alway,
reborn, I am ready to face a new day,
I have no attachments to life here on Earth,
I claim a new life in your Flame of Rebirth.

Beloved Arcturus, your Violet Flame pure,
is for every ailment the ultimate cure,
against it no darkness could ever endure,
my freedom it will forever ensure.

3. Beloved Arcturus, your bright violet fire,
now fills every atom, raising them higher,
the space in each atom all filled with your light,
as matter itself is shining so bright.

 Beloved Arcturus, your transforming Grace,
empowers me now every challenge to face,
as your violet light floods my inner space,
towards my ascension I willingly race.

4. Beloved Arcturus, bring in a new age,
help Earth and humanity turn a new page,
your transforming light gives me certainty,
Saint Germain’s Golden Age is a reality.

Beloved Arcturus, I surrender all fear,
I AM feeling your Presence so tangibly near,
with your Freedom’s Song filling my ear,
I know that to God I AM ever so dear.


Accelerate into Freedom, I AM real,
Accelerate into Freedom, all life heal,
Accelerate into Freedom, I AM MORE,
Accelerate into Freedom, all will soar.

Accelerate into Freedom! (3X)
Beloved Arcturus and Victoria.

Accelerate into Freedom! (3X)
Beloved Zadkiel and Amethyst.

Accelerate into Freedom! (3X)
Beloved Saint Germain.

Accelerate into Freedom! (3X)
Beloved I AM.

In the name of the Divine Mother, I fully accept that the power of these calls is used to set free the Ma-ter light, so it can outpicture the perfect vision of Christ for my own life, for all people and for the planet. In the name I AM THAT I AM, it is done! Amen.


Copyright © Kim Michaels, 2012