9.21 God is Alpha and Omega

God is Father, God is Mother,
through the Son, one with each other.

Oh separation is the lie,
the ego is the unseen tie.
Conditions are the subtle tools
to trap the unsuspecting fools.

All ownership a prison wall,
and thus we rise to heed the call.
Transcendence is the Master Key,
becoming MORE is liberty.

Surrender is abundant life,
surrender overcomes all strife.
We plunge ourselves into the stream,
fulfilling Heaven’s highest dream.

Christ vision keeps us on our course,
remembering our common Source.
In balance we will always grow,
remaining in the Sacred Flow.

We see the ONE beyond all form,
as oneness is the only norm.
Residing in the Sacred Space,
enveloped in Eternal Grace.

God is Father, God is Mother,
we see God in each other.


Copyright © Kim Michaels, 2012