7th Ray, short decrees

7.21 Hail Mercy’s Flame

Oh Saint Germain, bring Mercy’s Flame,
erase all errors in Christ’s name.
We know the power of your Light
can instantly set all things right.
And thus, we call forth violet fire
to lift our vision ever higher.

Oh Saint Germain, awaken all
so we can follow Freedom’s call.
For when forgiveness clears the mind,
all struggles we can leave behind.
And when we all let go of pain,
your Golden Age on Earth will reign.


7.22 Hail Divine Alchemy

Transcendence is the Master Key,
releasing God’s own Alchemy.
Transformed by Freedom’s Sacred Fire,
I lift my vision ever higher.
I see beyond all that is less,
the future is a great success.

As God’s own vision I behold,
I see the Golden Age unfold.
I see the people rise and claim
this planet in God’s Sacred Name.
As people find the Christ within,
The final victory we win.


7.23 Hail Freedom Flame

Oh Saint Germain, bring Freedom’s Flame,
you come to Earth in Christ’s own name.
For Christ is Lord and you are king,
as peace and freedom now you bring.
Together you will turn the page
and lead us to the Golden Age.

Oh Saint Germain and Jesus dear,
to you and Mary we draw near.
Together we now bring the light
that makes the Earth a star so bright.
By Michael raised for all to see,
the banner of Christ Victory.


7.34 The Golden Age is real. 

Oh Saint Germain, your violet light,
makes the future oh so bright.
Consuming poverty and strife,
all people have abundant life.

Your violet flame the Earth does seal,
the Golden Age is now for real.
Oh Saint Germain, your Freedom Flame
perfects the Earth in God’s own name.


7.35 Hail Freedom’s Alchemy

Oh Saint Germain, the Earth will be
immersed in your great mastery.
The key to freedom is your Love,
descending like a sacred dove.

Your love all fear now does consume,
releasing Freedom’s sweet perfume.
Oh Saint Germain, all life is free
through Freedom’s Sacred alchemy.


7.36 Hail Mary

Oh Mother Mary, we release
all thoughts and feelings less than peace,
releasing now all patterns old,
we leave behind the mortal mold.

River of Life, eternal flow,
we will to live, we will to grow.
We will transcend and be the more,
the joy of life we do adore.


7.37 Hail Mother of Independence 

Hail Mary, Mother of Independence,
I am an extension of my I AM Presence.
I am the eternal Sun of Being,
shining through my heart, mind and soul.

Holy Mary, my life in Ma-ter
is an expression of my life in Spirit.
I am here below, all that I AM Above,
and I take dominion over the Earth.


Copyright © Kim Michaels, 2012