6.01 Decree to Elohim Peace and Aloha

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In the name I AM THAT I AM, Jesus Christ,  I call to my I Will Be Presence to flow through my being and give these decrees with full power. I call to beloved Peace and Aloha to consume all illusions of anti-unity, that keep me tied to conditions and forces that are not one with your Flame of Peace, including…

[Make personal calls]

1. O Elohim Peace, in Unity’s Flame,
there is no more room for duality’s game,
we know that all form is from the same source,
empowering us to plot a new course.

O Elohim Peace, the bell now you ring,
causing all atoms to vibrate and sing,
I now see that there is no separate thing,
to my ego-based self I no longer cling.

2. O Elohim Peace, you help me to know,
that Jesus has come your Flame to bestow,
upon all who are ready to give up the strife,
by following Christ into infinite life.

O Elohim Peace, through your eyes I see,
that only in oneness will I ever be free,
I give up the sense of a separate me,
I AM crossing Samsara’s turbulent sea.

3. O Elohim Peace, you show me the way,
for clearing my mind from duality’s fray,
you pierce the illusions of both time and space,
separation consumed by your Infinite Grace.

O Elohim Peace, what beauty your name,
consuming within me duality’s shame,
It was through the vibration of your Golden Flame,
that Christ the illusion of death overcame.

4. O Elohim Peace, you bring now to Earth,
the unstoppable flame of Cosmic Rebirth,
I give up the sense that something is mine,
allowing your Light through my being to shine.

O Elohim Peace, through your tranquility,
we are free from the chaos of duality,
in oneness with God a new identity,
we are raising the Earth into Infinity.

Accelerate into Unity, I AM real,
Accelerate into Unity, all life heal,
Accelerate into Unity, I AM MORE,
Accelerate into Unity, all will soar.

Accelerate into Unity! (3X)
Beloved Peace and Aloha.

Accelerate into Unity! (3X)
Beloved Uriel and Aurora.

Accelerate into Unity! (3X)
Beloved Jesus and Nada.

Accelerate into Unity! (3X)
Beloved I AM.

In the name of the Divine Mother, I fully accept that the power of these calls is used to set free the Ma-ter light, so it can outpicture the perfect vision of Christ for my own life, for all people and for the planet. In the name I AM THAT I AM, it is done! Amen.


Copyright © Kim Michaels, 2012