Visualizing the Planetary Flow of Energy from East to West

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By Mother Mary 

The East-West Rosary [Both the original and the Golden Age version] incorporates affirmations that invoke the light and the wisdoms of the Dhyani Buddhas. The affirmations call for the consuming of the poisons from all aspects of your being. This can lead to major spiritual growth for you as an individual, and it can also lead to major progress on a planetary scale. This progress has two aspects.

The first aspect of this planetary progress is that there is meant to be a free and balanced flow of spiritual energy between the Eastern hemisphere and the Western hemisphere.

The free flow of energy between the Eastern and Western hemisphere has been restricted, and as a result both hemispheres have become unbalanced. This has caused the entire planet to become unbalanced, and that is indeed why planet Earth is tilting on its axis. To restore the rightful spiritual balance to planet Earth, the free flow of energy between the East and the West must be restored.

You can visualize this flow of energy as a horizontal figure eight. One half of the figure eight is centered over the Eastern hemisphere, the other part over the Western. The nexus of the figure eight is centered over the Middle East.

Although the flow of energy is restricted throughout the figure eight, I must tell you that the greatest restriction is located in the area of the Middle East. As Jesus has explained, he did not incarnate in the Middle East because it is an area of great light, as many Christians believe. He incarnated in the Middle East because it is one of the darkest areas on the planet, and it is the major block to the flow of spiritual energy between East and West. He therefore came to bring forth a new spiritual teaching that would empower people to consume the darkness in the Middle East and thereby open up the free flow of energy between East and West.

Had Jesus’ mission come to full fruition, many Christed beings would have been raised up in the Middle East, and through their light they would have consumed the darkness in that region and restored the free flow of energy. Unfortunately, as Jesus explains throughout this website, this did not come to pass. The Christian religion was taken into a blind alley, and as a result not enough Christed beings have been raised to restore balance to the Earth. Therefore we now have a major problem, represented by the accumulation of toxic energies in the Middle East.

These energies are perversions of the primordial qualities of God represented by the poisons that I spoke about earlier. It is imperative, for the restoration of balance on this planet, that these toxins be cleared away. This is indeed one reason for the release of the East-West Rosary. I can assure you that this rosary is a major dispensation for this planet. In fact, I can tell you that this East-West Rosary is one of most powerful spiritual rituals ever to be released on this planet. Its potential power is virtually unlimited, and if it is performed by people with pure hearts, it can have a miraculous impact on the future of this planet, including the future of the Middle East.

I therefore encourage you to give this rosary while visualizing a figure-eight flow, where the energy flows from Southeast Asia, through India, through the Middle East, into Europe, into North America, to South America, through Africa back to the Middle East, into the northern parts of Asia, through Japan and Australia, then back through Southeast Asia. If you will visualize this flow and visualize how the spiritual energy consumes all darkness over the Middle East, you will render an immense service to this planet.


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