Visualization for consuming imperfect world conditions

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By El Morya

Center in your heart, to focus on the flame of God burning on the altar in your heart, to reach for your flame, your God-flame, that is your unique spiritual flame. And it matters not whether you know not in your outer mind what that flame is. You visualize it however you can.

Visualize that the flame expands and grows and envelops your entire physical body.

And then it grows and envelops your entire energy field.

And then it grows even more, and now it is enveloping the entire Earth.

And now you find one particular problem, one particular manifestation of darkness or evil that is of concern to you. And you focus your attention briefly on that darkness, without going into it, without giving it any of your power and light. You just see it and see that it is in existence, a temporary existence, on this planet.

And then I ask you to declare aloud, in your own words, that you use your God-given free will to chose that that form of darkness, and the consciousness behind it – and the serpentine lie out of which that consciousness was formed – is no longer acceptable to you.

Declare this now.

[Make calls.]

And now I ask you to see your God Flame envelop the entire Earth.

And your flame touches the darkness – wherever it is found – and the entire consciousness behind it. And as it touches it, the darkness is caught up by your flame, as your flame becomes a giant wave that carries the darkness, as chips of wood – darkened wood – floating on top of the wave. And that wave of your God Flame rolls inward toward the Flame of God’s Will.

[Visualize this flame as a pillar of fire in any location of your choice, for example the room where you are sitting or a location related to the problem you want to see consumed.]

And this is a flame of God’s will that is beyond your God Flame, because this flame is the flame of the entire spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the devotion to the Will of God of all ascended beings who have ever passed through this Earth. So this flame is more powerful than any individual flame because it is the sum total of the flames of so many ascended beings working with you.

And now you see the individual wave of your flame carry this darkness and wash it into this flame, into this pillar of fire. And you see, you visualize, how instantly – upon contact with that flame – the darkness is consumed and it is no more; it is gone.

And I ask you to take a few seconds to visualize these waves upon waves of your God Flames that carry the darkness into the pillar of fire of the Will of God.

So it is done, and this darkness is consumed this day. And what has just occurred is an immense service to the evolutions on this planet, because truly the darkness that has been challenged through your visualization and through your God Flame has now been carried from the four corners of the Earth into this pillar of Fire that consumes all of the anti-will, all of the anti-mind.


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