You can experience the Presence of Unconditional Love any time

Elohim Heros and Amora, January 2, 2009. This tool was given in the following message.

Receive my Presence
Beyond the words spoken, I have anchored our Presence as the masculine and feminine elements, the masculine and feminine expressions, of the third ray of God Love. You have had an opportunity to experience it, if you have been willing. If you have not experienced it, then consider that my Presence is beyond any limitations in the material universe. Thus, at any moment in the future, you can experience my Presence when you are willing to open your heart to it. Thus, if you cannot open your heart now, do not be discouraged, do not allow your subconscious database to create some kind of judgment. But recognize that you have some work to do to clean out some of the conditions that prevent you from accepting unconditional love, accepting that you are worthy to receive it. And then work on it. And then recognize that whenever you reach the critical mass of cleaning out the file drawers, well then the Sun of unconditional love will shine through the clouds and you will experience it.

I AM beyond time and space, my beloved. You, too, are beyond time and space. You are currently choosing to identify yourself based on the limitations of time and space, which is perfectly acceptable—but it is not your only option.
Thus, in the Flame of Unconditional Love that I AM, I seal you. I seal this movement. For as long as you remain dedicated to unconditional love, then the prince of this world will come and have nothing in you.

And although his representatives may gain entry, they will not be able to take this movement down. They will not be able to stop the ascending spiral that has been created and has the potential to accelerate and become a glowing light in the darkness that still engulfs this planet. A light that will show the way to a new reality, a new way to associate with each other, a new way to communicate based on unconditional love. Thus, be sealed in that love.


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