Visualizing the Rose of Peace in situations where there is anti-peace

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Elohim of Peace, May 4, 2006.

The Rose of Peace 
My beloved, not long ago it was the anniversary of the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl in Russia. You might have read that although people cannot approach this contaminated place, nature has taken over. Even in this intense radiation, plants are growing. My beloved, imagine a rose growing in this contaminated atmosphere, yet still radiating its fragrance. It does not matter that there is no human being around to appreciate the fragrance. For the rose is not there to be appreciated. The rose is there to radiate its fragrance, and the rose is focused on doing its job.

My beloved, it was not long ago that it was the anniversary of the liberation of the Auscwitch death camp in Poland. Truly, if you want to find an example of how human conflict can reach an almost unthinkable extreme, you would be hard pressed to find a better example then the Nazi death camps.

But I must tell you that in several of these death camps the commandant, or the commandant’s wife, had a rose garden. Now imagine a rose growing in proximity to the one of the darkest places on Earth. Yet the rose is not touched by this darkness. It is not concerned by it. It does not judge. Whether it be a prisoner in the death camp or one of the people who push the prisoners into the gas chambers, the rose will radiate its fragrance.

The rose does not hold back its fragrance. Anyone who walks up to the rose will receive the fullness of its fragrance because the rose is not here to judge; it is simply here to radiate the beautiful fragrance that can uplift anyone who smells it. And thus, you see my beloved, even the commandant of a Nazi death camp will receive the fragrance of the rose because that rose is only concerned about lifting up any human being by sharing its fragrance.

Thus, my beloved, I come to give you a gift. I come to give you the gift of visualizing the Rose of Peace over your solar plexus chakra. This is a rose that is pure white in appearance. But my beloved, it is not like the roses you see on Earth because the Rose of Peace is self-luminous. It radiates light. It does not simply reflect the light of the sun, it radiates brilliant white light from within itself. And thus, my gift to you is that you visualize this rose of peace over your solar plexus chakra whenever you feel that you are pulled into a negative emotional reaction concerning any condition in your personal life or on a planetary scale.

Visualize that Rose of Peace over your solar plexus chakra. Visualize how it radiates its light and spreads its fragrance of peace until your entire energy field is filled with that light and that fragrance. When you encounter conditions on Earth where there is no peace, then visualize the rose of peace over that area and again visualize how it fills the entire area with the light and the fragrance of peace.


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