Visualization for overcoming all negative emotions

This visualization was given by Jesus.

You have been brought up to see me as an idol who is so far above and beyond you that you cannot approach me and relate to me as you relate to a good friend. One of my desires for this website is to help people overcome not only the idolatry but also the sense that I am so far above and beyond them that they cannot relate to me.

Therefore, I am asking whether you are willing to let go of this sense of idolatry or distance between you and I?

If you are willing to let go, please take a few moments to center in your heart.

Visualize that you take your fears, your sense of separation from me and your idolatry of me and cram them into a small ball.

Then visualize that I am standing in front of you and my sacred Heart is a blazing fire that consumes all unlike itself.

Now decide that you are willing to give up this ball of imperfect thoughts and feelings, and then toss the ball into the flame of my heart, where it will be instantly consumed.

NOTE: You can use this visualization to get rid of all negative thoughts and feelings. The key is that you must be ready and willing to let go of them, or the fire of my sacred heart cannot consume them.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels