The sword of Archangel Michael consumes the two foremost records of the mob consciousness anchored in Rome

Archangel Michael, February 13, 2010. This tool was givne in the following message.

Using the sword of Archangel Michael
And so, I have given you the teaching that I wanted to give. For I leave what is unsaid, first of all to your own creative thinking, but also to other masters, who might speak in the times to come on various facets of these matters. But what is left for me, having the Alpha-Omega polarity of these two messengers here in Rome, is to ask each of them to raise their right hand, to hold, each of them, the sword of Archangel Michael. And then, to be the open door for me lowering that sword into the records, the two foremost records of the mob consciousness—anchored precisely here in Rome, in the ruins of the Roman Empire and in the, not yet, ruins of the Catholic Church, the Roman Catholic Church.

And thus, I ask them to lower their hands and visualize these swords going through these records, exactly as I did in the Colosseum by turning a full circle and seeing how the records are cleared, 360 degrees. How there is, then, a new opportunity, for those who have taken part in these two forms of mob consciousness to be set free—both from the violence and the warfare, and from the belief that by following a particular church, you can make it into heaven without expressing your co-creativity.

When in Rome; do like the Romans, they say. But I, Archangel Michael say: When in Rome do NOT do like the Romans. Do like the Christ in you. BE the Christ in you. Follow not the crowd, follow not the mob. Follow the Christ, or rather let the Christ flow through you—for you cannot truly follow the Christ, when you know what the Christ is.

You can be the open door, or you can not be the open door—that is the question. And I end by hurling that question at you. Will you be the open door for the transition into the golden age consciousness? Will you be the forerunners for the golden age consciousness? Or will you stay in your comfortable position in the mob consciousness, where you are never seen, for you never stand out from the crowd.

Those who are not willing to stand out from the crowd obviously cannot be the forerunners for the Golden Age—is this not plainly obvious?

And thus, consider whether you are willing to stand out from the crowd. And if you are willing to be a forerunner for Aquarius and the Golden Age, then look at yourself, look at where you have submitted to the mob consciousness, look at the structures you have built, as Jesus explained. And then, call to me, call to Archangel Michael, for you too can be allowed to hold my sword in your right hand and to use it to shatter those structures that you have built in your mind—that you may be free to flow with the light and the reality of the Golden Age, that is already flowing in the etheric octave, flowing into the mental. And you, then, can be the open door for clearing the mental realm and then clearing the emotional, so that there can be the breakthrough in the manifestation in the physical also.

This is my calling to you, “If you dare – if you are willing to look at yourself – then ask for my sword, and you will receive it.” And I will, as Gautama said at New Year’s, I will be be the sword of lightning, of blue lightning, that will cut down the veils that hide what is unreal. Cut those veils in your own consciousness. Expose those structures, expose the illusions—and you will not believe the growth you will feel at the end of this year and beyond. You will not believe that you could feel so much freer, and you could feel that you are so much more today than you were such a short time ago.

What freedom, when the structures come tumbling down and you suddenly hear what you could not hear behind the dense walls. You hear the bubbling brook, the fount of the River of Life, cascading down the hillsides, bubbling its way in ecstatic joy towards the ocean of Self.

Be sealed, then, in the love of an Archangel. Do you dare to feel my love? Do you dare to feel my love? For if you do, you will sense that my love too is immovable. For I love you so much that I have pledged my life and Being to giving you that co-measurement that will allow you to sense that there is something that your ego cannot move, that the fallen beings cannot move, that the mob consciousness cannot move, that even the entire earth – and all forces of humankind and all dark forces – cannot move. And thus, in knowing that there is something that cannot be moved, you know that there is something that can serve as the foundation for your life and your growth.

For I am indeed standing upon the Rock of Christ. Or to be more exact: I AM the Rock of Christ.

I Am the rock upon which Christ built his Church. I Am the foundation against which the gates of hell shall not prevail. What is it that you all have the ability to sense? It is, as I said, that pure awareness that there was something that cannot be moved. Your ability to sense this, to connect to it, THAT is the Rock of Christ. Your ability to see beyond the man-made structures, the man-made illusions and the mob consciousness, your ability to sense as an individual being, through the Conscious You, your connection to the creator, THAT is the Rock of Christ.

THAT awareness, that discernment, THAT is the key to the Kingdom of Heaven. Use it to unlock the doors in your own being, the doors behind which you will find your true freedom, the freedom that comes only through individuality and creativity, through flowing with the River of Life. Flow. Flow, my beloved—flow.

For a new day is upon you, a new opportunity.

Embrace it…
Embrace it…
Embrace it—if you will.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels