4th Ray, The masters will help you discern

Elohim Purity and Astrea, January 2, 2009. 

Our offer to help you
And so, you who are the spiritual people have begun to realize this, but many of you have so far only begun to understand it at a certain intellectual level and with some intuitive insights. So what we offer you from the fourth ray is that we will manifest our Presence with you – as you are willing – and we will form that mirror of purity that will allow you to see both the purity and the impurity in your beings.

Now, some of you may have apprehension about this—being concerned that you might see so many impurities that you will be overwhelmed or ashamed or afraid that you will not be acceptable in the eyes of God. But then you need to study the teachings given earlier on the first three rays, and you will recognize that God does not condemn you. God only wants you to be free from the impurities. But God has complete respect for the Law of Free Will.

Those impurities have entered your being as a result of choices you made. Those choices were often not free choices because you were manipulated by the false teachers or by the state of affairs on planet Earth, where there is so much conflict. Nevertheless, you made the choice. And the impurities can only leave your being when you make the choice to let them go, my beloved.

You can invoke the Violet Flame 24 hours a day for the rest of your lifetime – you can give rosaries, prayers, you can fast, you can do anything you can think of, my beloved – but an impurity cannot be taken from you until you release it. And you cannot release it until you see the original decision that caused you to allow it entry—and then undo that decision by replacing it with a pure choice, a choice based on the recognition of purity.

Understanding the catch-22
You see, my beloved, the goal of the false teachers is always to put you in a catch-22 from which you cannot move on, you cannot progress. Shame, guilt, fear, are the very powerful tools that they use to create such a catch-22, where they fool you into absorbing certain impure beliefs and generating impure feelings. And then, they give you the further impure belief that what you have done is wrong and therefore God will condemn you for it—unless you seek to hide it. And that, then, prevents you from going through the process I have just explained of sensing the Presence of Purity, seeing freely the impurities, and freely letting them go.

There are other clever, subtle ways in which the false teachers have caused you to feel that you cannot let go or that you should not let go of these impurities, including, of course, the entire concept of the automatic outer path, where you do not need to look at the beam in your own eye. You only need to declare Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior or get down on your knees five times a day and face Mecca, and then – “poof” – one day you will be saved. And this, then, is why people feel that they cannot – or they should not, or they will not, or they do not need to – take an objective look at themselves and experience the difference between purity and impurity.

And so, knowing that you are ready to take that step of taking an objective look at yourselves, I will then offer our assistance. I will offer to manifest my Presence with you, as does my consort Purity, as does Serapis Bey and all other representatives of the fourth ray—including Mother Mary who as the Mother of God is truly on all rays. For she is beyond any ray, beyond the level of a chohan, beyond the level of an archangel, but has merged into the universal purity of that Mother of God.

So choose the master whom you want to manifest his or her Presence with you, that you may have a sense of co-measurement of what impurity is holding you back from breaking through and having that turning point that Master MORE explained this book can be for you. We will offer to give you this as you sleep during the night, if you will ask to go to the retreat of Serapis Bey at Luxor. Where you will meet the master of your choice, who will show you the impurity that blocks your breakthrough but will also show you a pure aspect of your being that is the anti-thesis to that impurity, to that block—and thus enables you, empowers you, to overcome that block and rise above it. For you know you are MORE than that impurity and that no matter what might have happened in the past, nothing can stick to your immortal being, nothing can stick to your conscious self, for you have the right “to be who you will be” and to decide at any moment to be MORE than those impurities and to step out of the identification with them. Let them go, I say, for I think you have had enough of them and you realize it is time to move beyond. This, then, is our gift, my beloved.


Beware of approaching the path intellectually
Some of you in your eagerness to understand the path have become a bit too intellectual. You have actually understood too much for your own good. For you sometimes think that understanding is enough. But understanding alone cannot take you to the kingdom of heaven. You need all of the seven rays and even beyond to the eighth ray of Integration and beyond.

For you see, my beloved, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven by being strong on one ray and unbalanced on the others. It is only through balance – balance, of course, requiring purity – [that you enter heaven]. You cannot go on and attain true healing without first having encountered purity, the Presence of Purity.

For what causes disease? Is it not impurities in the body? So how can you be healed if you are not willing to see that the impurities in the body can only affect the cells if the cells respond to impurities in your consciousness? And thus, you realize that even though you might seek to cleanse and purify the body, then it must start in the mind by you being willing to purify the subconscious database of these beliefs and feelings that you have thought you had to hold on to for fear of loss of identity.

[Breathes out]

I breathe out the pure love of the fourth ray. For my beloved, understand that each of the seven rays is an expression of love with a coloring of the characteristics of the ray. And certainly, you can understand that the fourth ray of purity must have a pure expression of love, not the judgmental expression that you might think. We do not judge, for we see that any impurity in your being is temporary, is unreal. We see beyond it to the pure Being that you are, the pure Being that is an extension of the Creator’s Being, that is an extension of the purity of your I AM Presence—and thus has an infinite potential to rise above any impurities that you might have taken in on your sojourn in this very dense sphere on this planet.

Know your pure identity
Many of you [have] volunteered to come here to raise up others, and have simply taken on a few impurities here and there that really have had no impact on the eternal part of your Being—and thus should have no impact on your sense of self. But [as you] begin to encounter purity, [you see] just how impure and unreal and unimportant your ego is in comparison to your conscious self, which is always pure in the core of your Being. Your conscious self is the pure Being that says, “I AM.” It is only at a lower level that you begin to say, “I am this. I am that.”

Do you see, my beloved, that at the level of I AM, no impurity can ever color your sense of identity? It is only when you begin to say, “I am this. I am that” that the impurities of this world can enter your container of self and color your sense of identity. And that, then, is when you can start the downward slide. But it has not affected the I AM of your Being. And thus, if you will be conscious of what you say about yourself – “I am this. I am that. I have this wound, I have that wound” – then you will be able to reconnect to the pure part of your Being, the I AM.

And then, you will be willing and able to let go of the impurities—that are precisely the ghosts that Christ had to let go of on the cross, as this messenger was inspired to explain to someone this morning. For indeed, you are going through these initiations, and you are all being used to teach each other and to bring out what needs to be brought out at this conference. Nothing is a matter of coincidence, my beloved; for you have all volunteered to play certain roles in the play that we are enacting here, a play that is not truly for your own benefit and enjoyment. [It is] in order to set the pattern of how a spiritual movement can truly assist people in rising up through the levels of initiation, including purifying themselves of the imperfections that hold them trapped in a lesser sense of identity.


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