Speed and rhythm for rosaries and invocations

By Kim Michaels


The most important aspect of giving a rosary or invocation is to keep your heart flame engaged. The more you pour your heart into it, the more light you invoke. So the speed with which you read is less important than keeping your heart burning.

Yet there are some advantages to going fast or slow. If you go slow, it is easier to visualize and some people find this engages their heart more. They prefer the more devotional way of giving a rosary or invocation. Yet an important part of any invocation is rhythm, and by going faster, you can get a more flowing, powerful rhythm. If you can do this and keep your heart engaged, this can be a powerful way to give a rosary or invocation.

Keep in mind that there is not one right way and there might not be one way that is always right for you. Experiment and find what works best for you. And don’t get into a rut. In some situations, you will get the best results from giving a rosary slowly and with great devotion. At other times, you might feel burdened by negative energy and need to give a rosary with great power in order to break through the negative energies.

Giving a rosary or invocation with greater speed can give a better sense of flow and rhythm. It also reduces the time it takes to give a rosary, but this is a two-edged sword. Please don’t fall into the trap of giving a rosary fast in order to get it done faster. If you do not engage your heart flame, you will not get the full result. never give a rosary so fast that you cannot maintain your inner attunement. It is better to give part of the rosary with attunement than to give the full rosary in a rote manner.

Some of the main ways to give a rosary or invocation (to hear a sample, click on the corresponding sound file above):



Give the rosary slowly and with a sense of reverence and devotion. Speak softly, yet with a sense of intensity. Focus on your heart or on your favorite image of an ascended master.

Rhythmic, medium speed

Give the rosary with medium speed and let the words flow. You give a full sentence or a full verse in one breath. Speak with a firm voice without straining your voice.

Rhythmic fast speed

Give the rosary in a rhythmic manner but as fast as you like. However, don’t seek to force it. Let the speed build naturally as you give the rosary. Don’t give it so fast that you can’t pronounce the words or that you don’t take breaks between sentences or verses. Remember to breathe—it keeps you alive to give more rosaries.


Give the rosary in a more melodic way, almost like a gregorian chant. You speak softly and faster, maintaining a rhythm throughout the rosary.


Give the rosary slowly but with great power and almost a staccato rhythm. Speak with a strong voice.

Fiat, fast speed

Give the rosary with great power but give it quickly. Instead of staccato, you give it in a flowing rhythm, but not as a chant. Sample, mp3 file.

Obviously you can combine the methods in one rosary. For example, you might start out as a fiat and then switch to a rhythmic or chant and gradually let the speed build as it feels natural.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels