Serapis Bey offers to help you overcome all tendency to judge and anything that takes you out of peace

Serapis Bey, December 18, 2009.

In judging, you judge yourself
Yet in so doing, what must you do? Jesus said, “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.” But as we have explained before, the deeper understanding here is that what you do unto others, you have already done to yourself. If you judge others, you have already judged yourself. And as I said, if you are in that state of judging yourself, if you came into the Ascension Temple and I exposed to you an impurity in your being, you would immediately use that exposure to judge yourself as being not worthy, and therefore you could not remain in the Ascension Temple.

And so by the mere act of judging others, you demonstrate that you have already judged yourself, and therefore you are not ready to enter the Ascension Temple. For you still have something that you need to hide from yourself, and therefore you need to be in an environment where you can maintain the illusion that what you can hide from yourself and from other people, is also hidden from God and the ascended masters. And thus, you must remain in the school of hard knocks, where you can indeed hide. But in that school, we of the ascended masters can do little for you. Such is the reality.

And so you see, if you recognize in yourself that you have this need to judge and condemn, if you recognize it, and if you come to the point where you say, “I am willing to go beyond it. Masters, help me transcend this need to judge,” then we can help you. We can give you individual instructions. But we can also ask you to follow an outer course of action, of seeking to purify yourself from the energies of the accuser of the brethren.

And for this purpose we will, of course, bring forth tools such as the rosary spoken of by Astrea. But you can also simply use a simple prayer in your heart. And I give you this offer, that you can call to me, Serapis Bey, and say in whatever words you prefer, “Serapis, help me.” Give a simple prayer for me to help you see what you need to see in order to gradually – as you are able to do so without shattering your self-esteem – to gradually go beyond that downward spiral of the fallen beings of the judgment and the division. And I will help you, as you are willing to look at yourself.

You can always accelerate beyond your current state of consciousness
I come not to condemn anyone. I come to extend my flame of the fourth ray of purity to everyone who is willing to accept it. But it is not enough for you to simply surrender, which is, as I explained in Lourdes, the Omega aspect. You must also be willing to be the Alpha aspect and use the powers you have in your mind to accelerate yourself beyond your current state of consciousness, your current perception, your current sense of self-worth. For I tell you, you do have – right now inside your heart, inside your being – the power to accelerate your sense of self beyond its current level.

You have that power. As we have said, you are a conscious self, a conscious being, a conscious extension of the Creator’s Being. You have the ability to create and to take on any sense of identity that you wish to experience, any sense of identity through which you wish to experience the world of form. But the reality is that you have created and you have placed yourself, your conscious self, into your current sense of identity. You may have been fooled into going into a lower sense of identity by one of the epic dramas, but the reality is that you did this through your own choosing and through your own power.

And it is only when you acknowledge and realize this that you will take back your power—to use the very same power that got you to your current level, to then accelerate yourself beyond it. Do you understand? You are where you are today because you have used your co-creative power to decelerate your sense of identity and your vibration. This was not done by some evil power outside yourself, even though you may have tied into an evil power outside yourself, a momentum of impurity built by other lifestreams. Nevertheless, your sense of identity was decelerated only by your own power, which means that you still have the power to accelerate your sense of identity beyond its current level.

Therefore, what I offer you is this. Begin to observe yourself, your reactions to the situations you encounter in daily life. And then, when you see a reaction in yourself that takes you away from peace – an attachment you have, something you have that causes stress, strain, and suffering – and look at it, ask me to help you see it more clearly. Work on surrendering whatever you see. But when you see a condition that takes away your peace, then also be willing to go in your heart, in your heart chakra, to connect to pure consciousness, the pure consciousness that is the core of your being. And then, from that level of pure consciousness, as best you can feel and see it right now, then simply say right to that condition, “Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity!”

And then allow yourself to feel how there is a point in your heart chakra that is the open door to the light of purity of your I AM Presence. And when you say those words, whether silently or aloud, you feel how the light from your I AM Presence streams through that point, that nexus point, that singularity in your heart. And it streams into the condition, and it accelerates the condition and it accelerates your perception of it. So that even if the condition persists, your perception is accelerated, where you see that it no longer has power over you, for it can no longer define your identity. And thus, you know that even if the condition persists, you can still be at peace. For you are more than this, and therefore you have no need to be attached to the condition or allow yourself to think that it has power over your sense of identity. This is the reality of how the ascension spiral starts for anyone.


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