Selecting Tools

What I present on this website is a systematic path that leads you gradually toward a higher state of consciousness. When you fully understand this path, you realize that progress never stops. When you fully commit yourself to ongoing progress, you realize that you never give up. You never allow your ego or the forces that oppose your progress to manipulate you into a corner where it seems like your only way to go is backwards.

When you are committed to growth, you realize that you always have the option to go forward, to come up higher. So if you feel a given technique is not working for you, you have more than one option for responding to that situation. You do not have to reason that your only option is to give up and have nothing. This is precisely what your ego and the dark forces want you to feel—they want to stop your progress. It is for good reason that people say discouragement is the sharpest tool in the devil’s toolkit.