Overview of tools available on this website

This page contains a brief description of the types of tools offered on this site. For advice on selecting tools based on what kind of conditions you want to change, see the page: Selecting tools based on your personal needs.

As explained in greater detail in the article 36 Ideas, in order to transcend limiting circumstances, you face two basic tasks:

1. Invoke high-frequency energy from the spiritual realm in order to transform low-frequency energy.

2. Resolve limiting beliefs by coming to see why they are out of touch with reality and how they limit you.

In order to accomplish both of these tasks in the most efficient way, it is helpful to have some connection with your higher self and the ascended masters. So we can now divide transcendence tools into the following rough categories:

1. Tools designed primarily for invoking spiritual energy or light.

2. Tools that will invoke energy and challenge limiting beliefs.

3. Tools designed primarily for helping you connect to your higher self and the ascended masters.


Let us now connect specific tools to the three tasks:

1. Invoking light. The primary tool for invoking light is DECREES. These are a short verses that you speak aloud. They are truly very efficient and can make a major difference in your life. MANTRAS also invoke light.

2. Invoking light and challenging limiting beliefs. The primary tool here is INVOCATIONS, of which there is a great variety. These are longer rituals that you also speak aloud. They combine short verses with statements that name specific beliefs and conditions. These can also make a major difference for your personal growth.

3. Increasing your connection. The primary tools are listed in the INNER GUIDANCE category, but VISUALIZATIONS and MEDITATIONS are also efficient for this purpose.

It is important to keep in mind that many of the tools will help you accomplish all three tasks. For example, the more you transform negative energy, the easier it will be for you to connect to your higher self. So to get the best results, you would use a combination of DECREES, INVOCATIONS and VISUALIZATIONS/MEDITATIONS.

A brief description of tools 

The following is a description of the types of tools listed on the menu to the left:


Some invocations are called “rosaries,” but they all have the same function. They are given aloud and contain a mixture of rhythmic invocations and statements that either challenge limiting beliefs or give positive affirmations. There is a wide variety of invocations, and they are very efficient for transcending almost any conceivable limitation you face. They will also help you attune to your higher self, calm the mind and heal psychological and emotional wounds.


These are rhythmic affirmations/chants that are given aloud. They often rhyme and by repeating them, you will create an energy chalice that opens up a flow of energy from the Ascended Beings who sponsor the decree. There are decrees for each of the seven spiritual rays and for a variety of specific tasks, such as spiritual protection and energy transmutation.


Statements that you read aloud or use as a meditative tool. They contain either positive affirmations or teachings that challenge dysfunctional beliefs.


These are short, often one-line, statements that you give aloud, often by chanting them.


These tools are designed to help you connect to your higher self or a specific master. They are either visualizations, meditations or decrees.


Technique that help you visualize for your inner eye a positive change. Depending on your experience, they can also allow you to create a flow of spiritual light that you direct into specific conditions in order to transform them.


Techniques for attuning to your higher self, a spiritual energy or a spiritual master. Or for stilling the mind.


Focus on the breath, where you visualize a specific outcome, such as the breath forming an upward spiral rather than the normal in-out action.


Short techniques for praying or for accomplishing other results, such as blessing your food.


Tools for helping you deal with a spiritual crisis. This is a combination of teachings and invocations.

NOTE: One of the primary ways to resolve limiting beliefs is, of course, to study spiritual teachings. Some teachings are given on this website, but many more are found on the affiliated site www.askrealjesus.com. Obviously, there are many other valid teachings about spirituality and psychology.


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