Overcoming the energy of the accuser of the brethren

Elohim Astrea, December 17, 2009. This tool was given in the following message.

No condemnation in the fourth ray of Purity
Can you see how many times in this and past lives you have been tempted to enter a spiral of arguing and counter arguing at the level of words?  Can you see that I am not here to get you to feel guilty, to look down upon yourself for having done this. For having done this on Earth is a given. You have the saying that you cannot wrestle with the greased pig without getting mud on you. Well likewise, you cannot wrestle with the greased pig of the collective consciousness on Earth without getting mud on you.

I am the Elohim of Purity. That means I have a pure vision and know the reality on Earth—that it is impossible for any being – no matter what their attainment or their innocence – to embody on Earth without getting dirty, without taking on impurities.  You know that Jesus was embodied as King David and that he lusted after a soldier’s wife and that his actions were not pure.  Do not come down upon yourself for having entered into a negative spiral, for having taken on impurities, even impure motives.

Realize the reality that there are no impurities on Earth that cannot be purified by the infinite momentum of Purity that I AM.  I am not here to condemn you, to judge you, to make you feel down on yourself.  I am here to accelerate you, to awaken you, to offer you an alternative to whatever impurities you may have in your being. For I, Astrea, have the momentum, the infinite momentum of purity, that can propel you beyond, that can accelerate you beyond, any impurity on Earth—when you are willing to look at yourself honestly and assess what impurities you have taken in.

And at this particular time, I am here specifically to offer a gift to those, who have taken in the impurities caused by the entire spiral of the accusation of the brethren, the accusatory energies, the accusatory arguments, the accusatory words.  I am willing to extend to you the gift of my momentum of being willing to multiply the decrees and rosaries you give to me by a factor determined by your willingness to look at yourself honestly and realistically and assess how much you have taken in of this accusatory energy, how much of a momentum you have of wanting to argue at the level of words, wanting to have the last word on Earth rather than being one with the Word of Heaven.

Thus, I extend you this gift, not only for the rest of this year of the farther, but for the entire coming year of the Son, where I am willing to give you a certain multiplication of your efforts to discern between what is “the Word,” the consciousness of Christ, and the “words” springing from the consciousness of anti-christ, the divided consciousness of duality.  This is my offer, this is my gift.  You can take it any way you want.  It is a gift given in respect for free will. If you still have a desire to experience the endless inconsequential cycle of arguing with other people – splitting hairs over certain interpretations of certain words, going into the classical  cycle of “he said, she said” – then I bow to your free will. For you indeed have the right to continue in this state of consciousness until you have had enough of that experience.

And should you decide at any point in the coming year that “I have now had enough, and I now see that this gets me nowhere,” then do not feel that I will condemn you for having taken however long you have taken to come to that point.  Simply apply yourself to me in my decrees, the rosary that will be formulated; and open your heart to the Word that I AM—and I will indeed help you.

Should you desire to continue the game of accusation by even accusing this dictation, this messenger, by splitting hairs over what was said and how it was said, then I again respect your free will.  And I again say that no matter what you might say against me, against my messenger, against my release, against my words, I will never condemn you.  I will hold the pure vision.  I will hold the pure love, and at whatever time you decide that you have had enough of this game of accusation, I will receive you with the open heart of the Mother of the fourth ray, the Elohim of the fourth ray.

For you see, I hold no grudges.  I condemn no one, for I have no need to. For you see, I am an ascended being.  I have no need to accuse anyone on Earth.  Why do I have no need to accuse?  Because I am not threatened by anyone on Earth, by any energy on Earth, by any idea, concept or argument formulated in words.  I am not threatened, and therefore I do not need to accuse and I do not need to defend.  I do not need to point the finger at any particular individual, for I am an ascended being and thus I have accelerated my being beyond the accusatory energy of the fallen beings.

Know the difference – if you are willing – know the difference in vibration. And then, if you are willing, take up my offer, so that you might accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity!

Notice your reaction to these words, for the energy that is coming at you is not an accusatory energy, but it is an energy of purity that will stir up the darkness that is in your own being. And thus, you might even perceive – through your polluted perception – my energy as being threatening or being this or being that.  But know this: if you will honestly look at your reaction, you will be able to see what it is that prevents you from getting out of the downward spiral and entering the ascending spiral of purity. And thus notice, if you are willing, your reaction. And if you are not willing, go in peace as I say:
Accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity!

Elohim!  Elohim.  Elohim.  ( Master chants).


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