Mother Mary’s tool for surrendering elements of anti-love

Mother Mary, April 7, 2007. This tool was given in the following message.

You have earned a special dispensation
So my beloved, I am eternally grateful for your giving of all of my rosaries. But I am especially grateful of these two, the Clearing of the Heart and the Loving of Yourself. For they have opened up your hearts to a point where I can give you a special dispensation, which is that I will give you some moments – where we will play music – where you can surrender anything you want to surrender.

And what I will do is that what you can surrender personally, I will multiply by a certain multiplication factor, so that your personal surrender has a multiplied impact on the collective consciousness. And so for each limitation that you can surrender, thereby setting yourself free, you can also set free a substantial number of other people. Certainly, this is subject to their free will. But by your surrender, they will get a better opportunity to surrender themselves. And this is again how we have the figure-eight flow between us here above and you below, as Nada so beautifully explained.

And so your willingness to surrender then becomes, as Jesus’ willingness to surrender his physical life, the one thing that can be multiplied and therefore count for many. Truly, as they say, Jesus came to give his life as ransom for many (Matthew 20:28). But the deeper meaning is that Jesus’ willingness to surrender – instead of holding on – became the true sacrifice, the acceptable offering, that then enabled the lifting of a certain amount of burden from humankind, thereby making it easier for others to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and raise themselves above duality.

So, my beloved, we will now give you this opportunity to surrender.

[Music playing]

My beloved hearts, flow with the music, flow with the River of Life. Allow yourself to feel how – in your heart, in your mind, in your being – you are letting go. Letting go of what you think you need to hold on to on the banks of the river that keeps you outside that flow of the River of Life. Just feel how something within you lets go.

You are letting go and flowing with the River of Life, the ocean of God’s love, where there is no separation, no darkness, no fear, no anger. And you are one with life itself. You are one in that River of Life where nothing can be separate. For all is light and no shadows remain.

[Music playing]

Thus, my beloved, with great gratitude for your willingness to participate in this interchange, I seal you in the love of my heart. I seal you against the forces of anti-love who would surely – if they could – disturb your newfound peace and surrender.

And thus I say to you, “Be sealed in the nurturing love of the Divine Mother. And remain sealed in the Eternal NOW that is the flow of that love.”

It is finished!

NOTE: To take full advantage of the dispensation to surrender, listen to the audio file of this dictation and go through the process of surrender.


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