Mother Mary’s key for healing toxic emotions

By Kim Michaels

Mother Mary wants me to pass along a technique for healing toxic emotions. It is deceptively simple, yet very efficient.

Obviously, all of her rosaries are designed to help us heal toxic emotions, but most of us will, from time to time, feel that one particular emotion comes to the forefront and needs special attention. In fact, many people have had one particular emotion that has dominated their lives up to this point. Mother Mary’s key will allow you to focus on such a dominant emotion and perform a more concentrated action for healing.

The key is very simple. You replace the word “fears” in the Hail Mary with the name of the toxic emotion. For example, in the following example, “fears” is replaced with “anger.”

Hail Mary, one with Grace,
the Lord is with us through you.
Blessed are we by your miracle Grace,
and by the miracle love of your son, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of Miracles,
we surrender our anger, now and forever.
We accept God’s unconditional love,
and see the Miracle Kingdom manifest on Earth.

Take note that it will be a bit tricky to use the modified Hail Mary because you will tend to give the standard one. So you might want to print the modified version and read from it until you get used to saying the new emotion.

Here are three ways to use this technique:

  • Give the modified Hail Mary in your daily rosary. You can use it along with any of the Miracle Freedom rosaries. Simply keep working on the dominant emotion until you sense that it is time to go back to the standard Hail Mary or until you get the inner direction that you need to move on to another emotion.
  • When you know the Hail Mary by heart, you can use this technique any time. For example, imagine that you are driving your car and start thinking about a situation from your past. By being alert, you can often catch yourself going over painful situations that play like a broken record. Decide that you are not going to let your past take over your mind, and then meditate for a moment until you can identify the dominant emotion. Then make up a modified Hail mary that uses the dominant emotion and keep repeating that Hail Mary – out loud or in your head – until you feel the situation is resolved or until your drive comes to an end. You will be amazed at how a boring drive can become a time of healing and peace.
  • If you are not sure which emotion to work on, use the technique for inner attunement and ask Jesus or Mother Mary to show you what is most important to work on. They will!When you have identified the emotion, you can give a more concentrated session to work on it. Go into a quiet room and sit in a comfortable position. If you have time and want to understand the emotion better, then use the inner attunement technique. Then give the I Choose Life prayer from Archangel Michael’s rosary.

    Center in your heart and focus on the emotion. Allow your attention to go to a specific situation that brings up the emotion. Do not allow yourself to be flooded with the emotion or to start analyzing or resolving the situation. Visualize that you are holding Mother Mary’s hand and she is leading you where you need to go. Allow the situation to unfold while you repeat the modified Hail Mary that fits the emotion. Keep repeating the Hail Mary until you feel like the intensity of the emotion fades or until the situation disappears from your awareness. Then give a sealing prayer, such as the sealing from Archangel Michael’s Rosary or any of Mother Mary’s rosaries.

Here is an incomplete list of some toxic emotions:

Anger Aggravation Arrogance
Agitation Apathy Anxiety
Boredom Depression Discouragement
Despair Disappointment Frustration
Grief Irritation Rage
Resentment Revenge Sadness
Tiredness Unworthiness Worthlessness
Pride Vindictiveness Vanity

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