Invocations 16: Forgiving Everything

Overcome one of the greatest burdens, namely non-forgiveness. Seventeen invocations that help you leave behind all aspects of non-forgiveness and the tendency to hold on to or not be able to let go of the past. From the book: Heal Your Life by Forgiving Everything.

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Invoking the Mindset of True Healing

Invoking Healing Energy

Invoking Freedom from Anger against God

Invoking the Power of God in Me

Invoking My Original Love

Invocation for Rising above Old Patterns

Invocation for Accepting that I Am Alive

Invocation for Raising My Life Experience

Invocation for Accepting My True Identity

Invocation for Hearing the Inner Message

Invocation for Letting the Past Go

Invoking Freedom from Emotional Pain

Invoking the Power of Unconditional Acceptance

Invoking Freedom from the Past

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