I give you the tools to overcome a spiritual crisis

A message from Archangel Michael.

NOTE: This message is part of the Spiritual Crisis Toolkit, which is released by Archangel Michael, Jesus and Mother Mary specifically to help you overcome a spiritual crisis and turn your life into a positive spiral.

Archangel Michael I AM, and I AM the Presence of the LORD who can withstand the onslaught of any force on Earth. Thus, I come with a special dispensation for those people on Earth who are burdened by negative energy by the mass consciousness, by their own momentums of the past, or by those dark forces that have manifested themselves on this planet for eons.

You are those who know that you are facing a spiritual crisis, for you have come to the point of being willing to admit that you are being attacked by forces outside yourself, forces that seem to be beyond your control. Thus, you have taken a step that most among humankind have not been willing to take, for they are not willing to acknowledge that there are such forces in the world.

Thus, my beloved, my concern for this particular release is to help those who can be helped—because they are willing to acknowledge that they have a problem, that they are attacked by forces beyond their immediate control. And so I come to give you my assistance by giving you a part of the momentum that I AM, the momentum of God’s Will, the momentum of God’s protection.

But, my beloved, I need you to understand the reality of an archangel, for I must tell you that regardless of how angels and archangels have been portrayed by various religions, I must assure you that I, Archangel Michael, am not locked in a dualistic battle with the devil and the demons and the forces of darkness. For I am not in duality, I AM above and beyond all dualistic consciousness and that is precisely why the power of an archangel is beyond any force on Earth. And therefore, no force on Earth can prevail against us when we manifest our Presence in the full power that we are.

So you see, my beloved, why are we not simply manifesting our Presence and wiping all darkness from the Earth? Well, it is because the Law of Free Will mandates that the people who are in physical embodiment on Earth are the ones who determine what is allowed to remain on the Earth and what is allowed to manifest on the Earth in the form of Light.

The key to overcoming a spiritual crisis
You, my beloved, are facing a spiritual crisis. You feel like you are powerless, you feel like you are paralyzed, you feel like you are being attacked or weighted down by burdens and forces that you cannot prevail against with the strength that you have with your outer mind and being. And while this may be so right now, I must tell you that it is all an illusion. And the bottom of this illusion is that YOU are the one who must be in control of your forcefield.

My beloved, the essential difference between an archangel and the forces of darkness is this: I will not violate your free will, whereas the forces of darkness WILL violate your free will. But you see, my beloved, they can violate your free will only to the extent that you use your free will to allow them to do so. And that is why, my beloved, I cannot step into your forcefield and banish the darkness from your Being—I must be invited. But I must be invited in a profound way, where you understand that you are the one who has to choose to let go of the darkness before it can be consumed by my Presence.

Do you see, my beloved, the equation here? There are many ways that you can invite the forces of darkness into your being, and many of those ways are even unbeknownst to you, for this world truly is so saturated with the subtle serpentine lies that many people invite the forces of darkness into their beings without knowing what they are doing. Yet I must tell you that there is always a choice made somewhere, and ultimately you cannot be free of darkness until you undo the choice that allowed them to enter and allows them to remain.

So you see, my beloved, you must be willing to awaken – to come up higher – and ultimately to move towards the point where you can take full and final responsibility for yourself, your own being, your own path in life, even your own salvation. For you see, my beloved, the forces of darkness do not simply enter through activities that you see as clearly dark, such as drug and alcohol abuse or other forms that are clearly dark. They often enter through seemingly innocent means, even religious activities that portray the eternal lie that you need an external savior in order to be saved because you cannot save yourself.

Thus, my beloved, you must awaken, you must take responsibility before my power and my Presence can enter your being. For if you do not, then my Presence in your being will only increase the tension—for you will be fighting not only against the dark forces, but a part of your own being will be fighting against my Light because it will want to hold on to the darkness.

Do you see, my beloved, the essential equation here? If you could let go of the darkness – if you could consciously let go of the illusions that allow the darkness to remain in your being – then my Presence could enter and the darkness would be banished. Yet until you let go, there will be a part of your being, a part of your ego, that holds on to the darkness because, in reality, your ego is comfortable with the dark forces because they do give it some sense of power or control over you.

And thus, my beloved, I cannot – as has been portrayed by so many traditional religions – simply walk into your forcefield and banish all your darkness, even based on a simple prayer to do so. There must be the equivalence from you of the willingness to take a look at why you invited the forces of darkness in in the first place.

And I know, my beloved, that when you are truly burdened and feel paralyzed, it is almost impossible for you to contemplate that you could ever have allowed this darkness into your being voluntarily. And in many cases, as I said, it was not a conscious, voluntary decision. It was a seemingly innocent decision that was made, but nevertheless I am telling you that unless you are willing to look at the decision and consciously undo it, you cannot be ultimately free.

What I can do for you, what I will do for you, is that through your listening to this dictation, over and over again while giving my special rosary for this purpose, I will manifest as much of my Presence in your being as you can withstand without being thrown into a conflict that is worse than what you are experiencing right now.

Taking the first step
So what I offer you is a gradual path, my beloved. And on that path I require you to do several things. I require you right now to open your heart and give from within or aloud, a simple prayer to invite me into your being and to banish the darkness that is burdening you so you feel like you cannot take another step higher.

Thus, my beloved, when you make this simple request, I can manifest a certain amount of my Presence that will allow you some relief from your current burdens. But, my beloved, this offering from my heart will not work if you use that relief to say, “Ah, now I don’t need to worry about my burdens, now I don’t need to look at my illusions, I can, after all, suddenly survive so I will simply go on.”

My beloved, this cannot work, for there will come a point where you will again be burdened by the darkness, and you will again feel paralyzed and overwhelmed. And thus, I need you to be the wise workman who will do what Jesus said and multiply the talents you have been given. My beloved, only by multiplying it will I be able – according to the Law of Free Will – to give you further and further protection and relief—as you warrant it by your own willingness to keep doing my rosary, to keep listening to this dictation, and to keep studying the teachings that you need to study in order to take command over your own psychology.

And my beloved, the teachings that you first and foremost need to study in order to overcome any spiritual crisis, is the wonderful book by Mother Mary, Master Keys to the Abundant Life. Yet I must tell you also, that our other messenger has prepared an essential book, for all those who are facing a spiritual crisis, The Unseen Power in I AM. For, my beloved, this book is specifically designed for those who are burdened, or who have been burdened for a long time, by psychological problems that they seemingly cannot resolve and cannot go beyond. Thus, I recommend these two books for everyone who faces a spiritual crisis and is willing to do some work, is willing to look for the beam in their own eye to overcome that crisis.

My beloved, why am I stressing the need for you to do something? Well there are two reasons for this. My beloved, traditional religion portrays you as the passive recipient of the Grace from Heaven. And thus, you have been conditioned to think that if I really am an archangel and have all power in Heaven and on Earth, then you should be able to ask me to relieve your burden, and I should immediately step in and do it for you. This, my beloved, is false religion, promoted by the forces of darkness in order to give them an inroad into your being.

And that brings us to the second reason. You see, my beloved, it is the very belief that you are passive, and that you have no power on your own, that makes you vulnerable to the dark forces in the first place. So do you see, that if I did something to confirm that belief, I would actually prevent your ultimate freedom from those dark forces? Surely, I could – on a temporary basis – relieve your burdens. But it would not permanently relieve those burdens until you take charge and say, “No, I must be responsible for my own household, I must be responsible for my own path in life. And thus I must be willing to look at the illusions that I have come to believe, the conditions I have set up, the expectations of life that I have. And therefore, I must be willing to see what is unreal, let go of what is unreal, and instead accept the truth of Christ that will make me free from the unreality.”

Knowing the spiritual reality
This my beloved is the difference between the true representatives of God in the Ascended Host and the myriad of false teachers who exist in the physical plane, in the emotional plane, in the mental plane, and even in the lowest levels of the etheric plane. You see, my beloved, they all want to tell you that you cannot save yourself, that you cannot rise up on your own power, and that you need them to do something for you.

Well my beloved, you need nothing outside the power in your own Being, and why is this so? It is so because the Kingdom of God is within you, meaning that you are created out of the Being of your Creator. My beloved, the difference between you and I is that I have ascended to the rank of an archangel because I have been willing to acknowledge the power of God within me—that I AM an extension of God’s Being, I AM an individualization of the Creator. And thus I have been able to let go of the illusion of separation that once upon a time caused me to believe also that I was separated from my God and separated from the rest of creation.

And this is the essential illusion of the serpentine consciousness and those in the fallen consciousness who want to enslave all people on Earth so they can milk them of their light and their energy. For these dark beings have no longer the ability to receive light from God, for they would not be able to withstand that light, they would not be able to use it at all. And thus, they must have you – who still receives that light from Above – misqualify that light so they can absorb it—once you have qualified it with a negative emotion.

Do you see, my beloved, that this is why they are pounding on you day and night to get you into an inharmonious and unbalanced state of mind? This is why they have set up so many lies and illusions, so many activities on this Earth, that have no other purpose than to very gradually fool people into getting into a state of consciousness where they can be spiritually raped because they have no longer the protection of the auric field that is natural to all human beings.

That field has been broken down—so many openings have been created that there is an inroad for the dark forces to walk in at any time of the day or night and take over your being. And suddenly, you realize that you are no longer in control of the situation, you are no longer in control of your actions, your emotions, your thoughts. Even your sense of who you are has now been taken over and you do not recognize yourself—compared to the moments where you feel uplifted and at peace.

Thus, my beloved, you must recognize that there are certain outer activities in this world that are designed for one purpose only, and that is to open you up to the forces of darkness. And I must tell you that if you think that you can give my rosary and listen to this dictation and study the books while still indulging in these activities, then you are indeed mistaken because this simply cannot be done. For as I have said, my multiplication of your efforts will be only a multiplication of your efforts, my beloved.

And thus if you are not willing to put forth the effort of freeing yourself from certain outer activities, well then I cannot continue to help you. I can help you get a clarity and a peace that will allow you to free yourself from these activities but I must tell you that it will never happen automatically because you got into your present state of consciousness through choices you made, and you will get out of it only through choices you make.

Do you understand this? I know very well that your ego does not understand this, but I am not talking to your ego—I am talking to your conscious self. And if you do not yet know what the conscious self is, then study the book by Mother Mary so you will know and understand that there is a part of your being that is real, there is a part of your being that is an extension of God, the Creator himself. And that part of your being has the ability to make the choice to come up higher, to make the choice and say, “This outer manifestation of imperfection and unreality, this outer manifestation of inharmony and imbalance, is not the true being that I AM. And therefore, I will no longer indulge in this, I will no longer indulge in the illusion that it has any power over me.”

Nothing in this world has power over the real you
For my beloved I must tell you that there is no condition in this world that has any ultimate reality to it whatsoever. And with ultimate reality I mean that there is no condition in this world that has any power over the real You, the conscious self, your higher being. And thus my beloved, the ultimate way to be free from the forces of this world is to realize that they are unreal—and when they are unreal, they have no power over you.

Nothing that is unreal can possibly threaten that which is real. And so what is the key to overcoming unreality? Well it is, my beloved, as we have said over and over again, Christ discernment. And I realize full well that while you are burdened by this or that energy and force, you cannot have full Christ discernment. But I tell you that there is a reality in your being that can know – right now – what is real and unreal in your immediate situation. You can know right now what is the next step you need to take to overcome your present burden, to come out of your present crisis.

And my beloved, I am talking to that reality in you right now, and I say, “Wake up and realize that you are God—you are an individualization of God! And then make the choice that God would make in your present situation so that you can overcome the burden that seems insurmountable with your human consciousness. And it is insurmountable with your outer consciousness because did not Jesus say that with men this is impossible but with God all things are possible?

Thus my beloved, there is a spark of God in your being. You may not yet have the full internalization of that reality, and therefore you cannot unleash the power of God from within yourself. And that is why I am giving you this release, because I offer to be the vicarious power of God for a time. But, my beloved, do not mistake this for the vicarious atonement where they think that Jesus will come and save them.

For I Archangel Michael will not come and save anyone permanently. I will only come on a temporary basis to uplift you so that you can have freedom and peace to connect to the power of God within yourself. And so that, after a time, you no longer need my Presence as the external power of God, for you have now discovered the internal power of God that you truly are.

And therefore, do you see, my beloved, when you come to that point, you no longer need the power of God to stream through me as an external being that you must see as external. Because you realize that in the inner parts of your being, you are one with the entire Ascended Host, with the entire body of God. So you realize that Archangel Michael is not truly outside of you.

For I have a universal Presence that cannot be confined to time and space, and thus I am also inside of you. And when you realize that, you realize that I simply represent the power of God, and that power of God can stream through you from the inside. And that is when you become spiritually self-sufficient, and that is when the demons of darkness will run from you because they will know that they have lost their power over you as you saw them lose their power over Christ.

But my beloved, to attain that ultimate freedom, you must be willing to look at every illusion, every serpentine lie that has crept into your consciousness, sneaking along the ground, sneaking through the bushes and the grass, and suddenly entering your being when you least expect it. And my beloved, this can be done, for again, you have a Christ Self that is internal to you. And when you connect to that Christ Self, you can get the inner recognition – often when you read an outer teaching – you can get an inner recognition that says, “This is how this outer teaching applies to me in my immediate situation.”

And when you are alert and when you are true to that inner prompting, then you can take the step that goes beyond the outer teaching. You can take the step that is specific for your immediate situation that will help you rise one step higher on your path and attain a greater degree of freedom from the darkness. And therefore, you can gradually overcome that darkness.

For I tell you – even though you might feel burdened right now – I can tell you that if you were suddenly free from all darkness, you would experience an identity crisis. For you have become so used to the illusions—even the presence of dark forces can become almost an addiction, where your outer mind is so addicted to these dark forces and what they do through you and to you, that even though it is unpleasant, you cannot let it go.

And if you want a visible example of this, then look at the people who are smoking cigarettes. And even though they have already experienced lung cancer, they cannot stop. Look at the people who have had throat cancer and had a voice box implanted, yet they smoke a cigarette through that voice box. Look at those who have had one lung removed but continue to smoke. This, my beloved, is the addiction where you feel, your outer mind feels, that it cannot do without the darkness. It has so internalized the darkness and made it part of its own being that it literally could not maintain a sense of continuity and identity without it.

The importance of persistence
And my beloved, if you are that deep into identification with the darkness, then I say to you: “You have a long road ahead of you, but I am willing to walk with you every step of the way—as you are willing to keep taking one small step at a time. I do not expect that you can come up to the full freedom in an instant, in the blink of an eye. It may take days, it may take months, it may take years, it may take decades and for some people it may even take lifetimes, but I tell you, the forces of darkness will keep you trapped in the illusion that this is too much, that this is too overwhelming.”

“But I tell you, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, but a journey of a thousand miles is completed only when you keep taking one small step at a time. And if you will decide – right now – that you want to be free of this darkness, and if you will decide that you will keep taking one small step at a time, then I can assure you that eventually the forces of darkness will lose their grip over your outer mind. And you will realize that you can indeed be free, that you WILL indeed be free—if you keep taking one step at a time. And I must tell you that no matter how burdened you are, you can always take some small step—if you are willing to do so.”

And thus I must tell you again, I cannot help those who are not willing to help themselves. It is impossible because the law of free will mandates that I cannot help those who are not willing to make decisions.

My beloved, it may be difficult for your outer mind to understand, but when you look at the Earth, and look at the darkness that is rampant on this planet, you have only two options. You must say that either God created this darkness or allowed it to be on Earth, or that it is created through the law of free will whereby the people on Earth have allowed this darkness to enter this planet and have continued to allow it to maintain a presence here.

My beloved, there is no other logical option. And I can assure you that it was not God who wanted the darkness. For the many serpentine beliefs that God and the devil are two polarities in the dualistic whole is simply a lie. The ego will never understand this, but the Conscious You can understand this because the Conscious You has the ability to connect to the reality of God, and experience that it is beyond duality. And thus my beloved, if you are willing to keep taking one small step at a time, you will rise in consciousness until you come to the point where the clouds part and you suddenly see a glimpse of the non-dualistic reality of God. And thus, my beloved, at that point you will know that what I say is true, even though you cannot know it with the outer mind right now.

How to begin
Thus, my beloved, my program is simple: this dictation, this release, has given you the impetus you need to take the next step. So after listening to this, give my rosary. Then listen to the dictation again, give the rosary again. I am not saying to do this in a 24 hour vigil, I am saying do it as often as you feel you need it until you sense a definite release, a definite relief, from the forces and the energies that are burdening you right now.

If you are truly burdened, if you are truly at the end of your rope, as they say, then continue doing this until you feel you have some control over your being. For after all, my beloved, what else will you do with your time? Continue the same old momentums of letting your emotional body and your thoughts run wild because they are taken over by the darkness?

So is it not better then to remain in my Presence for as long as you need, until you feel that the darkness has receded enough to allow you to make some kind of clear decision. Then go on with your daily life enough to keep you going but enter a program of listening to this dictation and giving my rosary once a day while at the same time studying the books I have recommended.

Avoiding discouragement
My beloved, God helps those who help themselves. If you will be honest, you will see in the world that there are those who have gone down in a downward spiral, a black hole of self destruction. And they have done so because they were not willing to make their own decisions, to help themselves to come up higher—and to keep taking that one small step at a time.

Sometimes they expected some immediate relief, other times they just got discouraged or bored, or started doubting that this would work in the end. I tell you, my beloved, discouragement has been called the greatest tool in the devil’s toolkit, and it is so for a reason. For the dark forces will try to discourage you, and I must tell you that there are millions of people who have come within an inch of breaking through to a higher level of consciousness, yet have allowed some doubt to creep into their minds and have become discouraged at the last minute before they would have experienced an entirely new phase in their lives.

This, my beloved, can happen to you or it cannot happen to you. I cannot make it happen or not make it happen, for you must make the choice. What I CAN do is give you the tool, and I have done so. And my beloved, I must tell you one thing—if you have been willing to listen to this dictation, then it is because you have the potential to come up higher and turn your life around into a positive spiral. For had you not been at that point, had you been so far gone that you had no ability to take control over yourself, you would have been unwilling to listen to these words—because the dark forces would long ago have prompted you to accept some kind of excuse for why you should turn off this very unpleasant release of light that makes them so uncomfortable that they can barely stand to be in your auric field, while your outer mind is listening to my words.

For indeed, there is much more than words released through this dictation. My beloved, my Presence is indeed with you, for it has entered your being inasmuch as you have allowed it, and as much as it can be done without throwing you into an unbalanced situation. Thus, my beloved, listen to my words but listen beyond the words to the vibration that I bring. Listen to the reality that even though the forces of darkness that have burdened you and controlled you may seem to have power, I Archangel Michael do not accept that they have any power over me. Neither do I accept that they have any power over you.

Although I do accept that you have free will. But what I want you to understand is that right now you are not making fully free choices. Because the forces of darkness and your own ego, have controlled your ability to make choices to the point where you cannot see the reality that allows you to make free choices.

Thus, you can continue to allow the forces of darkness to influence your choosing, or you can take up my offer to listen to my determination, and my reality and thereby gain strength from that to make your own choices by taking back your power to make choices, by finding some element of peace, comfort, some sense that there is hope ahead, that there is still a sun shining above the storm clouds that have gathered over and in your forcefield.

Thus, will you continue to listen to the demons and the ego that howl their songs incessantly, trying to overwhelm you? Or will you listen to the voice of an archangel, who is here to say: “There is a God, that God is real, and that God is everywhere, including in you. Find the God within, and accept the reality of that God and that it is the only reality and that all manifestations on this Earth are ultimately illusions that have no power over the real spiritual being that you are. Thus, reach for that reality, and accept the Presence of an archangel until you can accept the Presence of your own Higher Being.”

Thus, be sealed in the God Power of the first ray of the Will of God—the infinite faith that is beyond doubt because it is not faith, it is not belief, it is Oneness with reality, the reality that I AM.

Copyright © 2009 by Kim Michaels

ROS15: Archangel Michael’s Rosary for Overcoming a Spiritual Crisis