I Call Forth the Awakening of All Souls on Earth

Read this affirmation out loud one or several times.

In the name of the Presence of God’s All-pervading Wisdom, in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of Mother Mary, I say: “No more! I will not accept that the Earth is darkened by ignorance and that souls are trapped in spiritual blindness that prevents them from being who they are in God.” Archangel Michael, cut myself and all souls free from the blindness of our egos and dark forces, so that we can reconnect to the true vision of who we are and why we came to Earth.

I call to my Christ self and the Christ selves of each soul on Earth to awaken us to the all-consuming love we have for God, and the burning love that caused us to come to Earth to build God’s kingdom. Reconnect us to the all-consuming desire to express our divine individuality in this world. Reconnect us to the love that will help us recognize that our desire to be who we are in God is infinitely more important than any earthly desires or attachments. Awaken us to the love that will cast out all fear of losing our mortal sense of identity, so we can win the immortal life of our divine identity. Awaken us to the true priority so that we will not let anything in this world stand in the way of the fulfillment of our divine plans.
By the authority of my Christ self, I call forth the full power of the Ascended Host to consume all ignorance and spiritual blindness on Earth, and I call to all souls on Earth:


In the name of the Presence of God’s Wisdom, I declare that I am taking a stand for God’s truth. By the authority of the Christ Flame within my heart, I demand the manifestation of God’s kingdom on Earth. I will not stand by and watch the forces of darkness destroy this planet and my spiritual brothers and sisters. Therefore, I AM the open door for the Presence of God’s Wisdom to consume the anti-will and the spiritual blindness of my own ego, the egos of all people and all dark forces. I surrender my ego, and as I am raised up, I draw all people closer to God. I affirm that Archangel Michael and his legions consume all darkness on Earth, raising the Earth into the glorious new day of God’s highest vision for each soul. There IS Light and only Light on Earth.


Copyright © 2009 by Kim Michaels