How to meditate with music

Archangel Charity with Paul the Venetian, April 18, 2009. This tool was given in the following message.


Consider the power of music
May we, as the representatives of the third ray, call your attention to the power of music, as you witnessed in the beautiful singing in the church not long ago. But as most of you also realize that you have throughout your life had certain pieces of music that lifted your spirit and helped you tune in – though you may not have recognized this with the outer mind – nevertheless the music helped you tune in to a vibration beyond your normal state of consciousness, thereby helping you tune in to a vibration beyond your conditions. And so, indeed, if you feel any upliftment through music, use music. Find the kind of music that uplifts you because it expresses the flow, the flow of the River of Life.

And then, do not simply listen to it while you are driving your car or washing the dishes or doing other mundane things. My beloved, once in a while, go into a room where you can be alone and undisturbed. Start the music, turn off the light, lay down on your bed so that you feel the least amount of gravitational pull on your body, and then allow the music to carry you with its flow until you find yourself in that sacred space of unconditionality. Where you suddenly hear that beyond the music is that chime that is the sound of life itself. When you hear that chime, my beloved, that cosmic hum, you have, again, a sense of co-measurement of what love really is when it is unconditional.

And so, you can use that to gain a different perspective on your life and how the conditionality takes away that sense of floating, where there is nothing that pulls you into a particular condition, into a particular role and costume in the drama outplayed in the material universe. This is not escapism—when you use it to not simply run away from your problems, but to get a different perspective on your problems, so that you can recognize that you are not the problems. You are MORE. For you have experienced that you are MORE.

My beloved, do you think that the theatrical lover that I was talking about can float in a space sublime? Nay. For he is too wrapped up in himself and his own conditions—that he cannot let go. But you can, the real you can experience unconditionality. And only by experiencing that, will you truly know that there is something beyond the conditional world. And only when you know it, can you move to the next level of merging with it. So that you now see first your self as the object of the Divine Lover’s love, and then merge with the Divine Lover so that you see – that you are the open door for – the love [that wants] to be expressed to all life.


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