Gautama Buddha offers you a portion of his Flame of Peace

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Gautama Buddha, October 23, 2005

Inner peace is the ultimate service
My beloved, there are some of you who think that the spiritual path should be the path of suffering, the Via Delarosa that so many Christians believe is the only way to salvation. Let me tell you honestly where this belief comes from, because it truly comes from the ego. The ego knows that it is not worthy – in and of itself – to enter the kingdom of God. And therefore, it believes that it must buy its way into that kingdom. And it believes it is possible to buy its way into the kingdom. This is a lie, but the ego will never see that it is a lie. And therefore, the only way that you can escape the downward pull of that lie is that you realize who you are and that you are smarter than your ego and you are different – you are separate – from your ego—and therefore you can separate yourself from it.

I must tell you that at a lower level of the path it is natural – and it is indeed necessary – to be dissatisfied with your progress, to feel that you have always more to do, that you should be doing more than you are doing. Because this is the only way you can escape the downward pull of the mass consciousness, which pulls you back into becoming an ordinary human being, living the good material life instead of getting up in the morning and doing these weird spiritual exercises.

So it is necessary at a certain stage to have that sense of dissatisfaction, that sense that you should always be doing more. But the problem with this is that it makes you feel like you are always behind, you are not good enough. You are literally like the donkey who is pulling a cart, and in front of the cart is hanging a carrot from the string. And the donkey is running toward the carrot thinking it can reach it, but it will never catch up to it.

My beloved, we have no desire to see our best chelas act like a donkey for the rest of their lives, running after the carrot that they can never reach. There comes a point on your path where you need to recognize that you have done enough outer things, that you need to step up to the higher level and manifest inner peace. For the inner peace is truly the ultimate service you can give.

Imagine the power of ten thousand Christed ones on Earth. Imagine the power of just a few hundred people who have reached the Buddhic consciousness and how they can transform the planet just by being here—and being here below all that they are Above.

And so I must tell you that when you have been on the path for a number of years, there is a measure that you need to apply to yourself. And you need to take a good look at yourself and say, “Do I feel at peace with myself? Do I feel at peace with my path and my progress on the path?” And then you need to recognize that if you do not feel at peace, the way to attain peace is not to run even faster—which is what your ego tells you to do. The way to obtain peace is to step back and say, “The goal of the path is Buddhahood. And Buddhahood is total peace. Total peace comes from total non-attachment. So if I am not at peace, I must have attachments. And thus, I must let those go of them – one at a time – until I too can face the demons of Mara, even when they come to me and try to make me feel guilty for not having given so and so many decrees.”

Peace is the goal of the spiritual path. Be willing to let go of whatever prevents you from obtaining inner peace. For truly, we have no desire whatsoever to see our best chelas run around for decades feeling like they are never good enough, like they are never doing enough. There are so many of you who have striven for so long, and we long to give you that pat on the shoulder and say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant. Thou has been faithful over a few things. I will now make thee ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of the Lord.” Allow yourselves to feel the joy that is truly shared by all in the ascended realm, a joy that can be shared by you in the unascended realm but only when you let go of the attachments that prevent you from feeling that joy in the heart—because your attention is always centered elsewhere, being so busy saving the world that you do not have time to establish the inner peace that it is the true key to saving the world.

Thus, I come to give you a portion of my peace, my Flame of Peace. If you will accept it in your heart chalice, in the secret chamber of your heart, then I will anchor it there now. And if you will spend a little time meditating on the Flame of Peace – and allowing that flame to expose to you your attachments that keep you from peace – then that flame will surely grow until it consumes your attachments and you one day sit down and say, “I will let go of all the outer things. I will enter into the peace of my Lord. I will not only be at peace, I will Be peace on Earth. And thus I will be an extension of the eternal Flame of Peace of the Buddhas of all time. And I will allow the Buddhas to expand the flame of peace on Earth through me, so that all non-peace on Earth can be swallowed up, not by what I have done, but what I amBeing.”

And so, center in your hearts – if you will – and accept the flame of peace that I place in the heart center of each one—as you are willing and able to hold a portion, great or small.
Peace be still!
Peace be still!
Peace be still!
Peace be still and know that the I AM in you is God!


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