For the Judgment of Antichrist

Instructions: Give the following decree once.

By the authority given to me by Almighty God through my individual Christ Self, I stand up to be counted this day as a son/daughter of God.
I claim my divine inheritance and I affirm the reality of the Living Christ, the universal Christ consciousness and my individual Christ Self. I accept that I am a spiritual being, that I AM the Living Christ on Earth and that all lesser manifestations and my mortal sense of identity are unreal.

I claim my entire consciousness and being for God, and I call forth Christ Truth to illumine all aspects of my being that are not in perfect accord with my highest potential as a co-creator with God. I hereby affirm that I am willing to surrender all that is unreal in my being, including the human ego, the carnal mind and all habits and momentums that are limiting the full expression of my spiritual potential. I lovingly give such limitations to God and see them pass into the unfed flame of God to be consumed now and forever.

I call my Christ Self to descend into my mind and being to fill every space, so that there is no room for any imperfect manifestations to enter. I accept and affirm that my being is filled with the Love and the Truth of the Living Christ, and therefore I AM the Living Christ in action here.

I accept that by my surrender to the Truth of Christ, I have gained the authority to call forth the judgment of Christ upon all life on Earth. I therefore call directly to the heart of Jesus Christ and his angels of judgment to deliver God’s judgment to all beings upon this Earth in accordance with the perfect vision of Christ.

I call that all beings on Earth be enlightened by the angels of judgment so they can see the reality of their current state of consciousness and the reality of their Christ potential.

I recognize that ignorance stands in the way of free choice, and therefore I demand that all beings be awakened to the reality that there is an alternative to the self-destructive spiral of the carnal mind and that they do have a Christ potential. I demand that all beings be given the opportunity to choose this day whom they will serve by knowing their options and the consequences of those options.

By the authority of the Living Christ, I demand that those beings who choose to rebel against the law and will of God be stripped of their power to influence people and drag them down into their self-created Hell on Earth. I demand that such rebellious beings be taken from the Earth in accordance with the perfect vision of Christ.

I especially call forth the judgment of the Living Christ upon … [name people or describe situations]. Therefore, I affirm the judgment of Jesus Christ upon all forces of antichrist working against the manifestation of God’s kingdom on Earth.

They are bound this hour
with Christ power,
the Earth is Free
God’s kingdom to be. (3X)

I accept that this is done right now with the full power of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ and his legions of angels. I affirm that:

The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. (3X)

I hereby affirm that I accept as real only the Christ truth in myself, in all whom I meet, in my society and on planet Earth. All lesser manifestations are unreal and I affirm that they have no power in the light of Truth.

By the full authority of the Living Christ within me, I hereby claim planet Earth for God, for the Ascended Host and for my Lord and Savior, the Living Christ. I claim the ascended master Jesus Christ as the rightful spiritual king of this Earth, and I accept him as my spiritual king this day. Therefore, I accept and affirm that God’s kingdom is manifest on Earth, now and forever. Amen.


Copyright © 2009 by Kim Michaels