Discover your life’s purpose through the Buddha’s lotus flower meditation

Gautama Buddha, July 5, 2005. This tool was given in the following message.

What is my mission in life?
So many of you are wondering, “What is my mission on this Earth? Why am I here? What did I come to bring?” The key to finding out why you are here is to reconnect with the Silence of the Buddha. This is my offering to you – silence – the silence of Buddha that is beyond the turmoil going on in this realm of time, this Sea of Samsara.*

And thus I give you the visualization that when you find yourself in the hustle and bustle of the marketplace, and you become aware that you have become distraught, or stressed out or burdened, you step aside and say, “Ah, I am caught in the mud at the bottom of the lake. But now I will find that point of stillness within my heart, I will find the seed of the lotus flower, and I will let it germinate and send up a stalk to the surface of the water.”

And you visualize how the white Mother Light raises up from the base to the crown, and as it reaches the crown, the thousand-petaled lotus unfolds. And you are now no longer in the mud, because you are seated as the Buddha – with my Presence superimposed upon you – and you are literally floating on water. You are floating on the Sea of Samsara, and nothing beneath the surface can touch you, because that surface is calm like a sea of glass.

That is the silence. And take some time out, once in awhile, to just enjoy the silence. There is so much noise in this world. Turn off the radio. Turn off the music. Unplug yourself from the noisemaking machines that people have invented to prevent you from experiencing the Eternal Silence.


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