Ask Mother Mary to give you the vision that she holds for you and your spiritual potential

Mother Mary, November 1, 2008

You have made more progress than you realize
Now my beloved, you may know, especially those of you who are in a female body, that there is a deep, profound joy in a mother, of serving her children as they grow up, come to their own, and begin to express their individuality, begin to find their way in life. And that joy is indeed mine when I observe all of you who have striven so honestly, so earnestly, not only with my rosaries, but with studying the teachings on the ego, studying my book on the abundant life.

And my beloved, it is such a joy for me to see how you are all growing. And I think it might be in order for me to tell you that all of you have made far more progress than you recognize with your outer minds. You see, my beloved, in order to be an honest spiritual seeker, an honest student on the path, you have, of course, to be willing to look at the beam in your own eye, to recognize that there are things that need to change in your psychology. Yet, as was said yesterday, it is easy to take that to the point where you are always looking for the next problem, the next hang-up to overcome, the next fault that you need to deal with—and then overlook that you have positive beautiful qualities, my beloved. Is this not true that you all have that tendency to only look at the deficit side of the balance sheet, but not often look at the positive side?  Is this not true my beloved? [Audience replies: “YES”]

And so, in recognizing this, can you not also recognize that as Master MORE said: “We of the Ascended Host do not look at you that way. We look at your immaculate concept, and we see that you are much closer to breaking through, to being whole, to manifesting Christhood, and that many of you have already started manifesting Christhood and expressing that Christhood; only you do not dare to recognize and acknowledge it in yourselves. And thus, again, I too will say, as Master MORE said with the masculine energy, I will express with the feminine.

Allow yourself to just look in the mirror spiritually and acknowledge—acknowledge the Love in your hearts, the Love that is flowing through. For as some of you have expressed, you knew that you have a Love for God in your Beings, and that is the Love that propelled you higher, that propelled you to overcome certain conditions, whether it be outer conditions or psychological conditions. You have a love for something more, my beloved, and it can and will carry you beyond anything on Earth.

And so allow yourself to feel the Mother’s Love. For you see, the true Mother’s Love is not the love that is based on what you do, what you accomplish, as the Father’s Love might often be more focused on the outer accomplishments of his children. But the Mother’s Love is focused on the children themselves; who they are in their inner Beings, their spiritual qualities, their individuality. The mother does not look so much on what the children do, what they accomplish, how they stack up, as they say, compared to others.

The mother sees the uniqueness of each child and just looks at the child. And a tear wells up in her eyes just out of recognizing the beauty of that child and its uniqueness. And that, of course, is how I look at each one of you. For I see your uniqueness. And a tear wells up in my eye of just recognizing the beauty of what God created in each one of you. And if you will ask me, I will – again as Master MORE offered – attempt to give you that vision that I see; to help you feel that love. For my beloved, that Mother’s Love can consume – can transcend and transform – all imperfections in your self-image.  And as you transcend that former self-image, so you lift up the mass consciousness.


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