Affirmation for invoking Peace

Prayer for Ecstatic peace
Lord, I choose to BE an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, I AM the Flame of Love.
Where there is injury, I AM the Flame of Justice.
Where there is doubt, I AM the Flame of Truth.
Where there is despair, I AM the Flame of Vision.
Where there is darkness, I AM the Light of the world.
Where there is sadness, I AM the Flame of Blissful Joy.

O Divine Master, I chose to console others and in so doing find your consolation.
I chose to understand others and in so doing find your understanding.
I chose to love others and in so doing find your love for me.
For it is in giving of ourselves to others that we receive more of you.
It is in forgiving others that we find your forgiveness.
It is in letting the ego die that we are reborn into the eternal life of being the Living Christ—on Earth as we are in Heaven, now and foreverMORE.

It is when we dare to BE here below all that we are Above that the Earth will be here below all that she is in the heart of God. And thus I AM the Golden Age made manifest, as I love God’s flame of Ecstatic Peace with all my heart, soul and mind. For I AM the light of the world, and as long as I AM in the world, there is peace on Earth and God’s will toward all life.

I AM willing to walk the Path of Peace
I now choose to recognize the fundamental reality that God has given human beings dominion over the Earth. Thus, we are the only ones who have the authority to stop war and bring peace, for we are the ones who start wars.

I recognize that the real cause of war is that people have become blinded by the consciousness of duality and separation that makes it impossible to see the oneness of all life. Thus, they think they can destroy evil, do God’s work or even create peace by killing the people they label as evil. Yet it is impossible to solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem. And thus it is impossible to bring peace through the consciousness of anti-christ that is the real cause of war.

Peace can be brought about only by bringing the Light of Peace, the Flame of Ecstatic Peace, to consume the consciousness of war. That Flame of Peace comes from the spiritual being known as the Elohim of Peace. Yet the Flame of Peace must enter this world through people in embodiment, for we have been given dominion over the Earth. Thus, I dedicate myself to walking the Path of Peace, whereby I first remove the beam in my own eye, the warring in my own members, so that I can become the open door for the Flame of Peace to shine into this world and consume the cause of war.

Thus, I now affirm the words of the Elohim of Peace so that the Light of Peace may stream through these words as I speak them in the material realm, whereby they become the Living Word. I send these words and their message into the mass consciousness to awaken those who can be awakened, those who have volunteered to walk the Path of Peace in this lifetime. Therefore, I say to all spiritual people on Earth:


This affirmation is part of the following rosary. For an even more powerful effect, give the entire rosary.

Rosary for Invoking the Flame of Peace


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