Affirmation for consuming conflict

NOTE: The expression “decision makers” refers to all of the people involved with and affected by a conflict—including everyone who knows about the situation. Although many of these people are not in a position to make decisions about the outer aspects of the situation, we are all in a position to make the choice between engaging in negative energy, thereby accelerating the crisis, or stopping the negative spiral, thereby deflating the conflict. Any conflict is driven by a vortex of negative energy that overpowers people and drives us toward violence. Thus, every person involved – meaning every person who knows about the conflict – is in a position to decide whether to reinforce of stop the downward spiral. And only when a critical mass of people make the decision to stop the spiral, will the conflict be dissolved. Thus, the goal of this affirmation is to set people free from the negative energy, so we can all make a truly free decision and choose life.


Help all decision makers Choose Life!
Beloved Archangel Michael, save us or we perish! (3X)
Archangel Michael, save all decision makers from the consciousness of death that causes us to identify ourselves as mortal human beings who are separated from our God.

Beloved Archangel Michael, thou Defender of Faith, if people knew better, they would do better, and I call for you to cut free all decision makers from the lies of anti-christ that have enveloped our souls, so we have no way of understanding the true, spiritual cause of this conflict. Archangel Michael, help all decision makers rise above the consciousness of death and be free to see the truth of Christ and the shining reality of God. Cut us free to see God and no longer live as human beings but live as the spiritual beings that we truly are.

Archangel Michael, by the authority of my free will, I now say on behalf of all decision makers: “We are willing to change our lives. We are willing to lose our mortal sense of life, our mortal sense of identity, that is based on the limitations of this world and the duality of the carnal mind. We are willing to let our eyes be single, so that we can see beyond the subtle lies of the serpentine mind and be filled with the Light of Christ. We are willing to surrender our emotional attachments to the things of this world and the limitations that seem so real. We are willing to lose this sense of life to win the immortal life of the Christ consciousness and accept our true identity as sons and daughters of God.”

Therefore I now say, with the full authority of my free will and the power of the Christ Flame within me:


“We choose the consciousness of life, the Christ consciousness, and we accept that we are alive forevermore in the light of Christ. We accept that behind all appearances of this world is the reality of our God, and therefore we vow to nevermore give permanency to any worldly appearances. We affirm that God is everywhere and therefore also in us. We choose to be one with our God, and therefore we are the Presence of Archangel Michael in this world.”

I claim planet Earth for God
By the authority of the Christ Flame within my heart, I claim planet Earth for God and for the Ascended Host. I will not allow the forces of anti-christ to destroy this planet in their attempts to prove that God was wrong by giving us free will. I will not allow them to destroy souls in their prideful quest for revenge against God. Therefore, I use my free will to choose the truth of Christ over the lies of anti-christ.

Beloved Archangel Michael, send billions of Blue-flame Angels to cut all decision makers free from the lies of anti-christ, the consciousness of death and the veil of separation. Beloved Jesus, send your angels of judgment to all decision makers and help us see beyond the duality of the carnal mind, so we can freely choose whom we will serve. Beloved Mother Mary, send your angels of unconditional love to set all decision makers free from fear. I call that all decision makers be empowered to make a completely free choice between the consciousness of death and the consciousness of life. By the authority of the Christ Flame within my heart, I call to all decision makers involved with this conflict:


Archangel Michael, bind the souls who choose death and remove them from the Earth, so they cannot drag humanity down into their self-created Hell. Archangel Michael, protect those who choose life, so we can manifest the Christ consciousness and become the open doors for bringing God’s kingdom and replacing this conflict with true peace. Cut all decision makers free from the illusion that causes us to go along with the mass consciousness instead of taking active measures to stop the conflict. Awaken us to the eternal truth that if good people do nothing, evil will inevitably triumph. Inspire us to take dominion over this conflict and bring Christ peace.
I claim planet Earth for God, and I accept Jesus Christ as the spiritual King of Earth, now and forever. Amen.

Oh Mother Mary, teach all decision makers unconditional forgiveness
Oh Mother Mary, help all decision makers understand, accept and internalize the fundamental truth that the universe is a mirror that reflects back to us whatever we send out. Therefore, our outer situation is a reflection of our inner situation. Help us see that when we choose to engage in anger, blame or a desire for revenge, we are truly hurting ourselves more than anyone else. Help us know that the universe will reflect all negative feelings back to us, and they will build a prison around our souls.

Oh Mother Mary, help all decision makers see that our I AM Presence is as pure and perfect as the day it was created as an immaculate concept in the mind of God. Therefore, nothing we have encountered in this world, including this conflict, has damaged or stained the divine perfection of who we really are. Oh Mother Mary, help us accept that we can let God’s perfection shine through our souls and outer awareness. Help us forgive ourselves and all life, so that we can let go of all imperfections that cover our true identity and form a wall around the light beam of our I AM Presence.

Oh Mother Mary, help all decision makers see that when we forgive unconditionally, we are letting the light of our I AM Presence shine through us to bring God’s perfection into our world. Help us accept that when we forgive, our Father works hitherto, and we work, and therefore we are one with our Father!

Help all decision makers remember our first love 
Beloved Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, help all decision makers remember that before our souls came into this world, we made a choice to come here. Help us remember the moment when our I AM Presence stood before God, as God made the call for those who were willing to descend into God’s latest creation, the material universe itself, and help it become a self-aware universe that could start the spiral of self-transcendence leading to full God consciousness.

Help us remember how we stood there in that central hall before the throne of God and looked out over the vastness of this beautiful universe with its multitudes of galaxies and solar systems and planets. Help us remember that we saw plain as day the fact that someone had to descend into that universe to start the spiral, the ascending spiral of self-awareness, that would lead the entire universe to become self-conscious and to become conscious of the self as God.

Help us remember how our I AM Presence looked upon this vast universe and felt the unconditional love of God, the drive for self-transcendence, well up from the very center of our beings. Help us remember how we looked at God and said, “Here I am Lord, send me! I will go and bring your unconditional love into this universe until all becomes an expression of that unconditional love.”

Shake all decision makers awake so we can experience a moment of truth and see how senseless the current conflict is compared to the true desires of our souls. Awaken us to the undeniable realization that we truly did not come to Earth to waste our lives on petty conflicts and insane power plays that will not help us co-create God’s kingdom. Help us reconnect to the original vision and desire of our lifestreams, so we can feel the inner peace and find the strength to leave behind this conflict and use it as a stepping stone for moving closer to the kingdom of God. Help us fulfill our original desire to bring God’s kingdom to Earth. Help us see that even a conflict can become a tool for awakening people to a greater purpose and a determination to bring about the perfect vision of Christ in building a better future for all.

Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, take command over this conflict
Beloved Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, take command over this conflict and consume all that is less than the perfection of God through your Miracle Grace. Raise up all decision makers to be the handmaidens of the Lord and give birth to the Christ consciousness that truly is the open door which no human can shut. Raise up your own substance, matter itself, so that it refuses to be used for violence, killing and warfare and instead turns all violence back upon its originators.

Beloved Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, bring forth through your mercy and miracle grace the manifestation of a mass awakening that will empower all decision makers to see the reality that those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword. Shake us out of our spiritual blindness so we can accept that the cosmic mirror will reflect all imperfect energies back upon ourselves and our children. Awaken us to the need to stop the senseless spirals of violence that cause the sins of the fathers to be visited as a karmic return upon future generations.

Awaken all decision makers to the realization that violence can never bring peace. Help us see that continuing the age-old quest to bring peace through violence is nothing less than insanity. Peace can only come when someone has the courage to stop the spirals of violence by going against the mass consciousness and extending unconditional mercy. Give us the courage to see that it is up to us to take the first step toward peace, and if we don’t do it, no one will. Give us the courage to let God within us consume the fires of violence in our beings.

We express our gratitude for your infinite mercy, your unconditional forgiveness and your all-accomplishing Miracle Grace. We are so grateful to be alive at this cosmic moment to help the Earth move out of these age-old spirals of perpetual violence. We are grateful to witness how God in us turns a new leaf in history and turns the Earth into Freedom’s Star to light the Galaxy and bring new hope that God conquers all.


This affirmation is part of the following invocation. For an even more powerful effect, give the entire invocation.

Invocation for Consuming Conflict


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