Revised Chohans vigil

Note: Mother Mary’s vigil will be ongoing while we give the vigil to the Chohans!

The participants in the Chohans vigil were asked for feedback regarding a new vigil to follow the Chohan’s vigil. All wanted to continue with a new vigil, but most wanted a break for the summer.

The Chohan’s vigil was scheduled to end May 4th, which would be a long summer break. Therefore, we will change the Chohan’s vigil, so for Saint Germain’s book we will give each invocation for nine days instead of three.

This means the Chohans vigil will end on June 15th. We will then break for the summer and start a new vigil in the end of August (exact date to be announced). This vigil will consist of the following books where we will give each invocation nine times.

Healing Your Spiritual Traumas
Fulfilling Your Divine Plan
Fulfilling Your Highest Spiritual Potential
Making Peace with Being on Earth
This is the new schedule for Saint Germain’s book:


BOOK: The Mystical Initiations of Freedom

5 | Invoking the artistic mindset 53

First Day:  April 14
Last day: April 22


7 | Invoking a realistic sense of what is real 91

First Day:  April 23
Last day: May 1


9 | Invoking Love for my Divine plan 137

First Day:  May 2
Last day: May 10


11 | Invoking a new sense of reality 197

First Day:  May 11
Last day: May 19


13 | Invoking the vision of how I co-create 249

First Day:  May 20
Last day: May 28


15 | Invoking manifestation through surrender 311

First Day:  May 29
Last day: June 6


17 | Invoking freedom from the self that matters 363

First Day:  June 7
Last day: June 15


BOOK: The Mystical Initiations of Peace

15 | Invoking Peace in Relationships 289

Dates: April 8, 9 and 10

17 | Invoking Freedom from Escapism  341

Dates: April 11, 12 and 13