Vigil for Spiritual Healing

Note: Mother Mary’s 500 vigil will be ongoing while we give the vigil for spiritual healing!

Thank you to all who participated in the vigil. Julita and I enjoyed doing the invocations and felt tremendous growth from it. I hope you have grown as well.

We will take a break until after New Year’s. We will then start a new vigil based on the upcoming book that is based on the Korean conference and will be entitled: Connecting with Your Spiritual Teachers.

Details to follow.

Participating in the vigil:

  • We perform the vigil by giving one invocation a day.
  • We give each invocation for nine days.
  • You should plan for reading the corresponding chapter during the nine days it takes to give an invocation, so you can read a little bit every day.
  • NOTE: If you discover the vigil after we have started, do not begin at the beginning but follow along with the group by looking at the schedule below.