Vigil for Spiritual Healing

Note: Mother Mary’s 500 vigil will be ongoing while we give the vigil for spiritual healing!

Based on the results people had from our previous vigil to the Chohans, we are excited to give this vigil along with our world-wide community. We look forward to great results for people individually and for the collective consciousness.

This vigil for spiritual healing will start on September 1st, 2022 and continue until we have worked through these four books:

Participating in the vigil:

  • We perform the vigil by giving one invocation a day.
  • We give each invocation for nine days.
  • You should plan for reading the corresponding chapter during the nine days it takes to give an invocation, so you can read a little bit every day.
  • NOTE: If you discover the vigil after we have started, do not begin at the beginning but follow along with the group by looking at the schedule below.

This is the schedule for the second book:

BOOK 2: Fulfilling Your Divine Plan

Last invocation:

20 | Invoking my buddhic potential 333

First Day:  March 31
Last day: April 8

BOOK 3: Fulfilling Your Highest Spiritual Potential

We will  start this book on April 11th, 2023. (Taking a break during the Easter webinar)

The book is based on the dictations given at a conference in Kazakhstan, 2018. The audio files from this conference can be found in the Kazakhstan 2018 folder (for subscribers).

You can also use the category “Dictation by book,” find the book Fulfilling Your Highest Spiritual Potential (or any other book), find the dictations with links to the audio files,  and information about the event the book or given dictation is based on.

Note that you can purchase the invocations as audio files, which might make it easier for you to give the vigil.


2 | Invoking freedom from having to compensate 21

First Day: April 11
Last day: April 19

In the dictation, Kuan Yin talks about the chant session given during the conference and how the recording of this chant can be used to take command over our emotional body whenever we feel it is in upheaval. Click on the link to play the chat sound file.

4 | Invoking freedom from the control self 53

First Day: April 20
Last day: April 28

6 | Invoking the acceptance of Christ 87

First Day: April 29
Last day: May 7

8 | Invoking the closing of the gap 127

First Day: May 8
Last day: May 16

10 | Invoking the vision to express my Christhood 163

First Day: May 17
Last day: May 25

12 | Invoking All-Pervading Wisdom 193

First Day: May 26
Last day: June 3

14 | Invoking Mirror-Like Wisdom 217

First Day: June 4
Last day: June 12

16 | Invoking the Wisdom of Equality 243

First Day: June 13
Last day: June 21

18 | Invoking Discerning Wisdom 261

First Day: June 22
Last day: June 30

20 | Invoking All-Accomplishing Wisdom 279

First Day: July 1
Last day: July 9

22 | Invoking the Diamond Will 305

First Day: July 10
Last day: July 18

24 | Invoking Christhood in Saint Germain’s Golden Age 337

First Day: July 19
Last day: July 27

26 | Invoking readiness for the teaching 373

First Day: July 28
Last day: August 5