A technique for helping you accept unconditional love

Presence of Unconditional Love, October 23, 2005. This tool was given in the following message.

I come to bring the Flame of Unconditional Love
And so I am come this day to bring the Flame of Unconditional Love in a measure that has never before been outpoured on this planet, so that we can create a tidal wave of unconditional love that will rush around this planet from the East to the West and wash away the fears of recognizing your true divinity.

I am asking you who are here – and who have given this rosary – to participate with me in releasing this flood tide of unconditional love, the unconditional love that is beyond any form created in this world of form and thus cannot be stopped or held back by anything that was created in the world of form. And thus I ask you to say with me, “I am love, love I am.”


And now we will step it up and say, “Love is more, more love I AM.”


My beloved hearts, I thank you for being who you are and for being who you are here, in this moment. Truly, being more in the limitations of time and space is the key to transforming those limitations, so that they too can become more and so that all people on Earth may experience the abundant life that the Lord Christ truly came to bring them.


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