A technique for healing your emotional body by re-eastablishing the flow of spiritual light

Lady Master Nada, April 19, 2009. Read the complete message.

And so, if you have blocked your emotions and built a habit of not acknowledging them, you are in a catch-22. And you must, then, do something to change the equation. It can be therapy, it can be spiritual exercises. For I can assure you that Mother Mary’s rosaries are designed specifically to get the flow re-established through your four lower bodies by challenging your illusions. But I must tell you also that it is necessary to engage in activities that raise your focus to something positive, so that you feel a positive feeling flowing through you.

This can be a spiritual activity, or it can be music, as talked about earlier. But may I make a suggestion that I know will seem radical to many people. For while listening to music can indeed attune you to a higher vibration, it is, as Mother Mary attempted to explain, not enough to attune to the spiritual realm. You must – in order to take the next step – bring it down and start bringing it into the material realm and anchoring it there.

This can be done in many different ways, my beloved. And you have all experienced that when you have conversations with others that are positive conversations where you inspire each other—well then you have that flow. And many of you already have re-established a great degree of the flow. But there are many other people in the world who have not started that process and who are so blocked that they need something else. And, of course, therapy is a valid option. It is also valid to express those emotions, my beloved.

And so I suggest that you might find a place where you can be alone and not be worried about disturbing other people, and then you go out – be it in nature or in a somewhat insulated room, or perhaps driving in your car – and you just verbalize whatever emotions are there. You tune in to your emotions and you start verbalizing it, speaking it out. “This is what I feel.” And then giving expression to the feeling itself, whether it be anger, hatred or whatever. Give expression to it, so that you can look at it. You can, of course, always go back later and invoke the light through a rosary or decrees to transform and transmute the energy.

Expressing emotions and misqualifying energy
But realize one thing, my beloved. Many of you think that if you give expression to negative emotions, you are misqualifying energy by giving it expression. But what are you doing? You are expressing something that is already there in your emotional body, so the energy is already misqualified—only it cannot move.

And so, by giving expression to it, you break the stalemate, so that the energy starts moving. And now when there is movement, the light from Above can begin to flow. For there is now room in the emotional body for it to flow in. And so, you break the catch-22 and give expression to it.

And even by doing this, you will feel a release. If you cannot yet speak it, then write it. Write a journal, as has been explained, and as many people have done throughout the ages—writing down their thoughts and feelings. And in writing them down, my beloved, being able to look at them from the outside instead of looking at them from the inside, thereby beginning to separate themselves from them.

Finally, I suggest [that] you, again, find a place where you can be undisturbed by the feeling of disturbing others, and then you begin singing the song that raises your awareness to the spiritual realm. This messenger has described as he was driving in the moving truck, moving from New York to Virginia, and he felt moved to start singing a particular song that had always raised his awareness. And as he started singing, he felt the flow accelerate and accelerate, and he realized that there was great value in flowing with this and allowing this flow to come through the song.

And all of you can do this, for instead of listening to music, you now become a performer of music. And I know very well that many of you do not have it in your Divine Plan to become public performers who are good enough to stand in front of an audience and sing or play. But those of you who do sing or play will know that there is great release in it, there is flow.
So I am telling all of you to re-establish the flow, for you will notice, my beloved, how there is a certain part of your being that says “Oh no, I am not going to do that. I am not going to sing at the top of my voice. That is a silly suggestion. How can an Ascended Master even suggest such a thing.” But my beloved, that particular experience is an example of how you have suppressed the flow of light—by imposing conditions upon it.

“Oh the light could not possibly express this through me,” do you see? This is just one example among many of how these subtle beliefs – these subtle feelings of being shy or feeling inferior or what is appropriate and not appropriate – how these are the conditions that block the flow of life through your being. And so, why is it, as Mother Mary said, that so many people have studied spiritual teachings for many years but they do not walk their talk, they cannot bring it into practice, they cannot truly change? Well, it is because they are holding on to certain conditions that block the flow.


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