A meditation for helping you experience unconditional love

Archangel Charity with Paul the Venetian, April 18, 2009. This tool was given in the following message.

My love is always there
I am pausing to take in the return current of your consciousness—of your fears and your doubts about what we are saying to you in this and the previous releases. I am absorbing the consciousness. For you see, my beloved, the fact that you doubt my words, that you are afraid to implement them, does not mean that I do not love you. I love you regardless of how you respond or do not respond to my words and my vibration. My love is unconditional, it is timeless. If you cannot accept it now, be not dismayed. You do not need to beat yourself up over the fact that you cannot instantly accept what you are hearing.

I want you to know that I am always there. My love is always there. If you cannot accept it now, then, at whatever time you can, do not fall prey to the illusion that because you could not accept me that time in the past, you cannot accept me now either, for you are not worthy. Do not build layers and layers of illusions. But remember my words—my love is unconditional. You do not have to fulfill a condition in order to be worthy of it. You have only two options—you can accept or you can reject. But my love is unconditional, so if you reject my love, I am not affected by that rejection.

And thus, I still love you unconditionally. Which means that no matter how violently you might reject it at this present moment, at any moment in the future when you desire to throw off that costume, my love is there for you to accept. Your ego may want you to think that this cannot be so. Yet it is so.

It has always been so.

It will always be so.

This is the truth about love. This is true love. If you desire to feel separated from my love, if you desire to reject it, I love you for rejecting me. Whatever you feel, whatever you think, I love you.

Feelings and thoughts are fleeting images that pass through the mind. But turn off the film projector and you will see that the screen of life is still white, no matter what images were projected upon it. Your core being, your conscious self, is a blank screen, in the sense that although you were created with individuality, you were not created with conditionality. You were not created with any dualistic conditions, my beloved.

You were created with unconditional individual characteristics. And I know full well that your linear mind cannot comprehend this concept. But there must be some expression of words that you can ponder, until you come to the point of switching your perception—and you recognize the reality of unconditionality and the unreality of the conditions set up to obscure the white screen by making you focus on the fleeting images that can never satisfy your true being, your true longing for love.

How can any love coming from this material realm satisfy your built-in longing for love? For your built-in longing for love is the longing for oneness with who you are, your own Higher Being. Your longing to be in the flow of the River of Life by fulfilling the role for which you were created by your Higher Being—to be a co-creator and to bring the kingdom of God into manifestation in the material universe.

My words are coming to you through a person in embodiment who, as is inevitable when you are in embodiment, has a limited capacity for love. For certainly, one cannot be in embodiment and at the same time be in the fullness of the ascended consciousness —which is in the fullness of unconditionality. Yet, do not focus on the outer messenger. Go beyond the outer form, go beyond the sound of the voice, go beyond the words.

Follow the words, follow them as a stream of consciousness that reaches to the very being that I AM. One with the hierarchy of God Love, of unconditional love and with all of the beings who are expressions of that unconditionality.
Follow, then, that stream of consciousness and recognize that my capacity for love is indeed unlimited. And thus, I can take in and consume any condition that you desire to surrender to me. And I give you, thus, as the conclusion of this release, an opportunity to release into the stream of my consciousness any condition that you desire to let go of. For you have said, with Master MORE, “Enough is enough.” And thus I will have this messenger recite while you surrender.

[Messenger recites as the words come from within:]

Love is a flowing stream, a fount of unconditionality, like the water that moves, moving over the rock – even the hardest of rock – wearing it down, little by little. Even though it is so much softer than the rock that it is unfathomable to the linear mind how it could ever wear down the rock. Yet, love is like that. It flows unconditionally and if it seems like it gets nowhere, if it seems like people do not receive it, do not change, it just keeps flowing. And over the span of millennia, it eventually wears down that solid rock of the separate self.

For truly, the Divine Lover will never leave his beloved alone, will never stop flowing, will never stop giving. And thus, eventually even the hardest of conditions will be worn down by the flow of love, the eternal unstoppable, unconditional flow of love. Is it not so that any condition is made of smaller units, as you know the rock is made from molecules and atoms, and even beyond, from the tiniest particles that make up the atom. And so, the love flowing may only manage to dislodge one elementary particle from the rock, but yet, that is still a change.

And so the flowing love is not discouraged but is encouraged and therefore flows even more and dislodges an atom, and another one, and another, and another. And soon the River of Life begins to carve a gorge into the bedrock of the human consciousness. Flowing, flowing, ever-flowing. See how even the mightiest of mountains can be worn down over time by the gentle rain descending from heaven, like the gentle rain of love that falls upon the just and the unjust, upon the evil and the good.

For to love, there is none just or unjust, none evil or good. For there are no conditions in that flowing love, there are no conditions whatsoever. Thus, to love, the conditions are unreal, impermanent and thus love knows that if it keeps flowing, it will wear down even the hardest of conditions. Even the most hardened heart will be worn down by the unstoppable flow of love.

And one day that heart will look at itself and say, “Why do I keep separating myself from the flow of love? I have had enough of the experience of being separated. Now I am curious as to how it would feel to be in the flow of love.” And so, suddenly, it surrenders into the flow like a dam bursting—and suddenly the River of Life that has been held back for so many lifetimes is released in an outburst that no conditions, that no ego – even the strongest ego – can hold back. For the real you flows with it and finds such joy, such freedom, in the release from conditions. The total unconditional release.

[Archangel Charity continues:]

Thus, breathe in [audience inhales]. Become aware of the condition and then release it as you breathe out [audience exhales].

And now breathe in and hold, and as you breathe out I breathe in. Breathe out [audience exhales while messenger inhales].

And as I release my unconditional love, you breathe in and breathe in that love [messenger exhales, audience inhales].
Now release, as I breathe in the conditions [audience exhales while messenger inhales].

Inhale the love [messenger exhales, audience inhales].

Release [audience exhales while messenger inhales].

Inhale [messenger exhales, audience inhales].

You have now experienced the in-breath and the out-breath of love. Yet, I AM not limited to time and space, and you may repeat this exercise any time, perhaps after listening to a piece of music that reawakens your sense of flow.

Thus, we, the representatives of the third ray, congratulate you for being willing to come into our Presence and thereby, perhaps without realizing it, having separated yourself, to some degree, from your fear. For you cannot be in the Presence of Unconditional Love if you are fully identified with your fear. So the very fact that you are here demonstrates that you are no longer fully identified with the separate self. And thus, I admonish you, to embrace that new sense of self, where you know you are MORE. Where you have experienced oneness with the MORE.

Thus, be sealed, even though it is, again, the limitations of words. For how can you be sealed in that which is unconditional? And so, my beloved, go beyond the sense of needing to be sealed and just be in the flow of unconditional love.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels