A gift of attunement with the Divine Mother

Mother Mary, November 27, 2003. This tool was given in the following message.

Give me a few minutes every day
If you will center in your heart for a few moments every day and focus your attention on my immaculate heart, then I will give you an extraordinary measure of the love and the light of the Divine Mother. And I will give you a measure of the wisdom and the truth of the Divine Mother who knows everything that happens on this Earth, including everything that is hidden from the surface consciousness of human beings.

I do not come to leave you empty-handed. I come to leave you with a promise that if you will use the tools given by my Son on this website, especially the tool for attunement with your Christ self, then I will indeed tell you what you need to know in order to protect yourself and your loved ones from any calamity that could come upon this Earth.

Use the exercise every day and go into the garden and ask me, the Blessed Mother, to come and sit with you. If you will be diligent and open your heart to my Presence, then my Presence will be there with you. And through your Christ self I will give you my love, my comfort and my divine direction for the safety of yourself and those whom you love.

Try me from this day forward and experience the reality and the faithfulness of the Divine Mother who has never left you and who will never leave you.

I seal you now in the name of my Son Jesus Christ who has risen this day to a new level of cosmic awareness through my son who is here below with you.

Amen. And peace in the Light of Mother.


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