A daily call to shiva for Christ discernment

Daily call to Shiva for discernment
In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Jesus Christ, I call directly to the heart of the REAL SHIVA, and I say:

Beloved Shiva, I want your assistance to increase my discernment, so that I can tell the difference between the vibration of the psychic realm and the vibration of the Ascended Host.

Beloved Shiva, cut me free from any ties to any psychic messengers, psychic beings or psychic teachings.

Beloved Shiva, help me increase my discernment. Cut me free from the psychic and help me see any attachments that make me vulnerable to a psychic message. Help me see my ego-illusions that make me prone to believing what my ego wants to hear.

Beloved Shiva, help me come to the realization of what it means to be in a psychic vibration, so that I can see in myself when I enter into that vibration and when I do not. For I no longer want to go in and out out of the psychic vibration. I want to be completely free of any influence from the psychic realm and any influence that is not of the Christ. Thus, I give you, beloved Shiva, the full authority to bind and consume any and all psychic forces working against the spiritual growth of myself and the top ten percent of the most spiritual people on Earth.

Beloved Shiva, I am willing to know the difference between the psychic realm and the realm of the Ascended Host! I am willing to see my attachments that make me blind. Beloved Shiva, I apply myself to you and call for you to help me overcome all spiritual blindness.

I therefore call to the REAL SHIVA, and I say:

SHIVA! (9X, 33X or 144X)


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