A 33-day vigil for inner vision

By Kim Michaels

For many years, I have used various techniques for attaining a clearer inner vision or a higher direction about specific aspects of my life. I have had some of my most profound spiritual experiences as a result of such vigils or novenas, and I have never performed such a ritual without getting abundant inner direction.

Jesus has asked me to suggest the following vigil as a means to increase your intuition and attain visions and directions from your Christ self and spiritual teacher(s).

You must begin by making a firm commitment that you will perform a set ritual every day for a period of time. This can be 14 days, but if you want maximum results, I suggest 33 days.

You should plan on spending 15-30 minutes each day on this, so you need to incorporate the vigil into your daily schedule. I recommend that you perform the ritual at the same time every day. Depending on who you are, you might do this first thing in the morning or before you go to bed. The time is not important, as long as you can be undisturbed and can stay awake and alert.

You might want to print the descriptions of the rituals mentioned below, and you also need to have a notebook and a pen. I suggest a spiral-bound notebook so you can keep your notes together.

Set aside time every day to perform the following ritual:

  • Spend at least five minutes, and preferably more, invoking spiritual protection. You can use the affirmation given on this site or another technique of your choosing. Call for the protection of your mind from all outside influences. I have found it effective to ask Archangel Michael to seal my mind from the forces of this world.
  • After the first day, read what you wrote the previous day. Do not analyze; simply read what you wrote.
  • Use the technique for inner attunement described elsewhere.
  • After the exercise of attuning to your Christ self, focus your attention on your heart and write down whatever thoughts, visions or impressions come to you. Do not write this with your outer mind or attempt to interpret or analyze as you write. Envision that you are letting your Christ self write through you. Keep writing as long as you feel that the words flow from within.
  • Take a little time to read what you wrote and consider its meaning and significance.
  • Determine how you will incorporate your insights into your life. If you get directions to take certain actions, determine how this can best be accomplished.
  • Make a simple call to Archangel Michael to seal the session and to protect your vision and your determination to live by your highest vision.

After you complete the vigil, you might want to read everything you wrote and determine how you can use it to improve your life. Depending on the directions you get, you might outline a plan of action or a plan for further study.

You can repeat such a vigil as often as you like. You can even do it daily for an indefinite period of time. I have personally been amazed at the directions I have received through such vigils, and I think you will be too.

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