8.57 Oh Mother Mary, we are One in the River of Life

In the beginning was only Love, the dynamic Love that desired to BE MORE of itself. Out of Love’s desiring to BE MORE sprang the world of form, as a foundation for the cosmic dance between the Divine Lover and the beloved. Born from Love, creation is not a static world, but a constantly flowing, ever self-transcending River of Life in which the Divine Father and the Divine Mother are One.

In the beginning of my life as as self-conscious Being, I knew I AM a Child of Love. I too desired to be MORE of myself and joyously co-created in the River of Life. Out of my Love to be MORE, I descended into the denser spheres, to demonstrate that the beloved can be one with the Divine Lover even in a world of darkness.

Yet as my gift of Love was rejected over and over by those who have forgotten they are children of Love, I started withholding my Love, seeking to hide it from the profane. In doing so, I separated myself from the River of Life and I started to feel incomplete. I now entered and endless spiral of seeking to compensate for my incompleteness by having or doing “things” on Earth. I sought to cover my nakedness with the “things” of this world and then hold on to them with all my strength.

I now realize that all this is vanity and will never restore my wholeness. For what shall it profit me that I possess the whole world and lose my wholeness? I will be whole only when I accept that I AM a Child of Love and allow the River of Life to flow through me without conditions.

I now hear and feel the unstoppable rushing of the Living Waters of the River of Life, as they are flowing by me, pulling on me to let go of my separate sense of identity and once again be free in my Oneness with Life itself. I now let go of all anti-love in my Being, feeling how it is washed away by the Living Waters of Love. And now, in a final act of total surrender, I let go of everything I hold on to in this world. I let go of the ego and its desperate attempts to hold on to the illusion that I am separated from the River of Life, that the Divine Sun can be separated from the Divine Father and the Divine Mother.

Thus, I plunge myself into the River of Love with an ecstatic sense of being free to BE who I AM, once again the Child of Love who knows it is unconditionally loved by the Divine Father and personally loved by the Divine Mother. I allow the Living Waters of Love to wash away all attachments to any expression of anti-love, any illusion that I can be separated from Divine Love. Thus, I allow myself to be made perfect in Love.

I AM a Child of Love, and I now fully accept that I AM the Beloved of God. I no longer run away from the Unconditional Love of the Divine Father and the Nurturing Love of the Divine Mother. As I feel the Flow of Love through my Being, I feel whole, I feel complete. I experience Oneness with my Source, my I AM Presence as the representative of the Divine Father in my Being. I experience Oneness with Mother Mary as the representative of the Divine Mother in my Being. Mother Mary, I love you as my true Mother, my Divine Mother, and I accept that I AM worthy of your Nurturing Love that sets me free from all anti-love. Thus, we are One in that Love, now and forever, and our Love will nurture all people and set them free to BE here below all that they are Above. Thus, I hold the immaculate concept that all people are Suns of Love.


Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012