8.56 I guard the flow

I now consciously withdraw my attention from anything outside my I AM Presence and my God Flame. I vow to live life more consciously. I vow to live in the awareness that I am a co-creator with God. I am here to bring my unique gift to this world, and I do so by letting the Sun of my God Flame shine through my identity, thoughts, feelings and actions.

I hereby surrender all ego-based desires, ambitions and expectations. I vow to reconnect to my God Flame and my divine plan, so that I no longer waste my life in a senseless pursuit of the ego’s goals. Instead, I vow to fulfill my divine plan, my reason for being. I vow to be in the world but not of the world. I vow to let my light shine before men, so that my God Flame can BE the light of the world.

I vow to multiply the light given to me by God and to always maintain my inner connection to my God Flame. I vow to maintain the figure-eight flow from Above to below and multiply it every day. Thus, I vow that I will set my priorities straight. I will seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, namely the unbroken figure-eight flow, and I will allow God to add all other things to me that are part of my divine plan. I fully accept that I am in the flow of the River of Life, and thus the abundant life is already mine. Oh God, I accept that it is your good pleasure to give me the kingdom, and I accept that kingdom, now and forever.


Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012