7.52 Lord’s prayer of freedom

Beloved Father-Mother God within us and within all life, we desire to be free to bask in your light and love. We desire to be free to express the divine individuality with which you endowed us in the beginning. We desire to be the co-creators with you that we are designed to be. We desire to see Mother Earth be free to manifest a Golden Age of spiritual freedom and abundance for all life.

We know you have given us free will, and thus we have the potential to be more or less than we were created to be. We desire to be more so that you can be more through us. Therefore, we are willing to separate ourselves from the illusion that the Father’s will and laws, the truth of Christ and the Ma-ter light restrict our freedom and creative expression. We accept the reality that we can find true freedom only within the kingdom of God that gives us eternal life. We see that by rebelling against God or by separating ourselves from our Creator and our Tree of Life, we actually take away our own freedom, the freedom of others and the freedom of the Ma-ter light. We take away the freedom to express God’s perfection and we restrict life to the prison of the mind of duality, the mind of anti-christ.

We now call to beloved Jesus, beloved Mother Mary, beloved Saint Germain and our ascended brothers and sisters in the cosmic hierarchy to help us see through the lies of anti-christ that have enslaved our souls for so long. We are willing to be free from the human ego and all serpentine lies in our consciousness. We are willing to receive the truth of Christ that will make us truly free, so that the prince of this world comes and has nothing in us. We call to the Christ within us to replace all elements of anti-christ in our beings.

We also call to the Ascended Host to take command over all aspects of life on planet Earth. Expose the elements of anti-christ for all to see, so that people have the freedom to choose whether they will serve Christ or anti-christ in this age. We call for the Christ within all life to rise and replace all elements of anti-christ that block the manifestation of the Golden Age of Aquarius. Therefore, we hold the immaculate concept for the Earth. We accept that within and through us the Golden Age is a manifest reality, now and forever.


Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012