6.78 I recognize the true message of Christ

I recognize that Jesus came to Earth to symbolize the potential for all human beings to let the human self die. Whereby we can be resurrected into a new sense of identity, where we no longer deny the reality that we are co-creators with God.

I acknowledge that the kingdom of God is within me, that I am one with my Father, that my Father has worked hitherto, and that I am willing to work by being the co-creator that I was sent here to be. I am willing to play a part in bringing the kingdom of God to Earth. This is the purpose for which Jesus came, this is the purpose for him going through the physical events of the crucifixion, his death on the cross—in order to symbolize what is possible for all human beings spiritually.

For truly, the Christ consciousness is universal. The Christ Consciousness unifies the material and the spiritual. It unifies the Divine Father and the Divine Mother, so that there is no separation between the Creator and its creation. For without him was not anything made that was made.

I acknowledge that this is precisely why the kingdom of God is within me, because God – God’s being, and God’s Presence – is embedded within everything. And it is only a religion that is based on separation that could have turned Christianity into a monotheistic religion, thereby raising up the graven image of the external God. The angry, remote being in the sky, looking down upon us, ready to judge us for any transgression and send us to hell for all eternity.

I call for the awakening of the Christian people, those who call themselves Christians today, to the reality of Jesus’ true message, namely that he did not come to create another religion that denies our Christ potential. Jesus came to awaken all people to the potential to find the kingdom of God within us, and thereby become extensions of that kingdom on Earth, the co-creators who co-create that kingdom and bring it into manifestation. Thereby giving the abundant life to all people, both the abundant material life and the abundant spiritual life.

Thus, I am willing to become the Ma-ter polarity to the Spirit polarity of the ascended Jesus Christ, and serve to awaken people to the true meaning of Jesus’ inner teachings and his example for all.


Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012