6.74 I choose to be free from war

I now choose to accept full responsibility for my own mind and my own life, thus attaining freedom from the sense that I am a victim of forces beyond my control. I recognize that I can be truly free only when I have the power to choose my reactions to any situation. I am free only when I can choose to respond with love no matter what life sends my way.

I choose to recognize that when people are blinded by the consciousness of anti-christ, they cannot see beyond the dualistic struggle for superiority. Thus, they cannot see a peaceful solution to conflict and they cannot see that all conflict springs from the illusion of separation. I choose to rise above this duality and reach for the single-eyed vision of the Christ mind that allows me to see the underlying oneness of all life.

I recognize that only when I see the oneness of all life can I respond with love to all situations. And only when I come from love will I see that there is a non-violent solution to every problem, crisis or conflict. Only those who are free from duality can be the open doors for bringing that solution into the material realm for all to see. Thus, I declare that I am willing to be the open door for the non-violent solutions of the Christ mind and for the Flame of Ecstatic Peace that will consume all opposition to their implementation.


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