4.42 I accept my Christ potential

I choose to accept my Christ potential and I vow to dedicate my life to putting on the mind of Christ as quickly as possible. I vow that I will never have any false gods before the true God in Heaven, represented to me by my own I AM Presence. I vow that I will not take upon myself any graven image in the form of an imperfect vision. And therefore I will not accept any of the imperfect conditions on Earth as permanent or real. I will see that beyond all imperfections is the Ma-ter light of God, and I will hold the immaculate vision of God and see that God’s vision is materialized because it is superimposed upon the Ma-ter substance itself.

I therefore declare that as long as I AM in the world, I AM the light of the world. I am here to take dominion over the Earth, multiply my divine individuality and the light given to me by my I AM Presence. I vow to take dominion over my soul and mind, my physical body, my personal circumstances, my nation, human society and nature itself. I vow to accept only the perfection of God, I vow to see only the perfect vision of God, given to me through the Christ mind. I vow to BE the flame of God, consuming all unlike itself and I declare that I am willing to start with myself and to allow the flame of God that I am, anchored in my I AM Presence, to consume all imperfections in my own consciousness, including the human ego and the carnal mind. I am willing to let the flame of God consume all imperfections in my soul, my mind, my body and my life.

I vow to nevermore limit God’s ability to work through me, and I vow to always affirm the reality of the Living Christ within me and my oneness with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Therefore, I shall not deny my oneness with my Master. And by affirming my oneness with the Living Christ within me and with the Living Christ within Jesus, I truly am the light of the world. And through the power and authority of the Christ within me, I therefore say, “Let there be light and only light on planet Earth. And there IS light. It is finished. Amen.”


Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012